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Sunnyvale City Council Seat #3 Candidate: John Cordes

Sunnyvale City Council Seat #3 Candidate: John Cordes

The Silicon Valley Voice has invited local candidates running for office to speak directly to the voters via our website. We asked candidates for Sunnyvale City Council to tell voters, in a short essay, about the challenges and opportunities in their jurisdictions and their ideas for addressing problems and leveraging opportunities.

I’m  John Cordes, running for  Sunnyvale City Council Seat 3.

I have lived and volunteered in Sunnyvale for over 20 years. I was a semiconductor engineering manager before I retired to devote my time to community volunteer work. My wife, Diane, is a math teacher. Sunnyvale is a wonderful city that I love. Unfortunately, it is facing some significant challenges. I have the experience, time, knowledge, and dedication to help tackle them.


If elected, I promise to work to:

  • Slow office growth to balance office and housing better so that both our children and successful local businesses can stay in Sunnyvale.
  • Reduce traffic congestion by providing incentives to reduce solo trips to offices; investing in more and safer walking and biking options, and transit options. Launch Sunnyvale Shuttle service.
  • Keep Sunnyvale one of the safest cities in America. Implement Sunnyvaleʼs Vision Zero Plan.
  • Work to solve problems residents bring to the council, including mitigating airplane noise, protecting and increasing parks and open spaces, and addressing threats to mobile home residents of park closures.
  • Create a sustainable future for ourselves and our children. Reduce global warming pollutants, increase the use of local water sources like storm runoff.
  • Increase affordable housing to enable more people who work in Sunnyvale to live here, thereby reducing commuter traffic.
  • Invest city funds wisely. Protect Sunnyvale’s excellent fiscal reputation by being fiscally conservative.

Experience and Education

  • Over 25 years in the semiconductor industry. Managed large teams and complex high-tech projects and improved engineering effectiveness.
  • Over four years as a Bicycle and Pedestrian Commissioner; Current Chair. Have studied
    local traffic and active mobility and recommended numerous improvements.
  • Sunnyvale Climate Action Plan 2.0 Committee member.
  • Sunnyvale Safe Routes to School Coalition co-leader.
  • Livable Sunnyvale member.
  • N.A.I.L. Neighborhood Association Board member (Chair, 2013-15). While serving as chair, led the formation of a non-profit corporation to support residents better.
  • Over 20 years as a leader in environmental organizations.
  • Over six years as a Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter board member.
  • Church Finance Chair.
  • Leadership Sunnyvale graduate.
  • Master’s degree in engineering management, Santa Clara University.
  • Bachelorʼs degree in chemical engineering, University of Illinois.
  • Attended the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. I am a veteran.

With your help, I believe we can create a more sustainable, fairer, and more enjoyable Sunnyvale.


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