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Some Personal Care Services Allowed to Operate Outdoors

Throughout California, personal care services may take place in an outdoor area. Hair services as well as nail services can be done outdoors.

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that clarification was needed regarding the guidance he released last week which closed indoor operations of many sectors, including personal care services. The new guidance allows hair, skin care, nail, and massage services to be done outdoors. Services that need a hygienic environment like tattooing and piercing can’t be done outdoors, so cannot be performed if indoor operations are currently not allowed.

Outdoor personal care services may be conducted under a tent, canopy, or other sun shelter as long as no more than one side is closed. Salons and barbershops shouldn’t perform a service that would require a customer to have to enter the establishment.

Last week, Santa Clara County personal care services had to close indoor operations after only two days. The County currently has a County Variance which would allow them to open personal care services indoors, but the County is also on the State’s Monitoring List, which means they had to shut down indoor operations.


When the State closed down many indoor sectors last week, Newsom did say that if operations could be moved outdoors, they would be allowed to continue. According to Newsom, that advice left personal care service business owners uncertain, so this new outdoor guidance clears up some of the confusion.

The Governor and Santa Clara County health officials have continuously said that outdoor operations are much safer than indoors.

The new guidance gets specific on some measures these sectors must follow to remain open. For example, a business must implement measures to ensure physical distancing between and among workers and customers, except when providing haircutting and other close contact services. Also, businesses should establish an outdoor reception area. The State also suggests measures such as Plexiglas or other barriers.

Other considerations include staggering appointments to reduce reception congestion and ensure adequate time for proper cleaning and sanitation between each customer visit. The guidelines suggest servicing fewer customers each day or expanding operating hours to allow for more time between customers. The State also recommends suspending walk-in appointment availability.

Read the full guidelines on the State’s website,


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