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Scuttlebugs Child Development Center Opens in Santa Clara

Scuttlebugs Child Development Center Opens in Santa Clara

“There are over 16,000 kids on waitlist for childcare in the Santa Clara County,” says Geoff Penman, a partner of The Childcare Foundry, a privately-owned organization founded in 2009. Penman has extensive experience in various aspects of business management, including financial markets, company branding, and strategic marketing. Sensing the market demand for more accessible childcare and early education services, Penman oversaw the opening of Scuttlebugs Child Development Center, a new childcare facility located at 3291 Stevens Creek Boulevard.

“We aim to provide a high caliber early education in a warm, safe environment,” says Samantha Penman, Penman’s wife and another partner of The Childcare Foundry. Samantha holds a Diploma of Children’s Services and has experience in the retail, hospitality, interior design, and childcare industries.


“We’re providing everything any child could need during the course of a day- diapers, wipes, infant formula, infant baby food,” says Sheryl Gittings Randall, the center director. “At most other centers, parents have to provide that.”

While many other centers require children to take naps, naps are optional at Scuttlebugs.

“We don’t force rest on anyone,” says Samantha, who adds that children have opportunities to rest if they choose to, of course.

Scuttlebugs offers ample space for the 90 children the site can hold. The center serves children from six weeks old to six years old. Rates are set according to the age of the child and the number of days per week the child would visit the center.

The center comes with a nursery and crib rooms for 12 infants, a toddler room for 12 children from 12 to 24 months, a room for 12 two-year-olds, and two preschool rooms that can hold up to 27 children each. Rooms are painted in lively colors and filled with toys. The outdoor and indoor play areas support active recreation. Bathrooms are stocked with age-appropriate toilets and general amenities. Parents who are struggling to potty train their child at home will be relieved to know this center offers potty training services.

One of the school’s many philosophies includes encouraging students to utilize their natural instincts to explore and develop independence through planned and impromptu activities. Students will be exposed to a variety of languages from administrators and staff, including French, Japanese, Spanish, Tagalog, and American Sign Language.

“We will be doing a second round of hiring in a few months,” says Samantha. “We pride ourselves on respecting and valuing our staff. We pay above industry standards.”

“Our teachers are salaried, which is almost unheard of in California,” adds Randall, who has over 18 years of experience working in the childcare and early education industry.

The center will comply with standards set forth by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, also known as the NAEYC. The Penmans were both born and raised in Australia and therefore, the center will also incorporate Australian as well as Swedish standards for childcare and education which, according to the company’s printed background statement, “surpass the nation’s current level of childcare and early education.”

“Australia has one of the highest standards for early childhood education in the world,” says Samantha. “We want to raise the bar for childcare and early education in this area.”

Call (866) 777-0040 ext. 411 or visit for more information about enrollment.


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