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Scott Lane Students Get Supplies

Scott Lane Students Get Supplies

Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology solutions provider, partnered with the non-profit organization K to College to give Scott Lane Elementary School students school supplies and dental kits on October 4.

“We wanted to kick off our partnership with K to College by providing these school supplies and dental kits to students in our backyard who needed them most. Currently, 93 percent of Scott Lane Elementary School students are enrolled in the subsidized lunch program,” said Huawei’s Vice President of Innovation Ken Durazzo. “These students struggle to afford the basic yet critical instructional materials necessary for a quality education. And it shouldn’t be that way. We believe every student deserves an equal chance at earning a great education, regardless of their background or where they live.”


At 9 a.m. Scott Lane students filled the cafeteria to hear Durazzo, Congressman Mike Honda and Mayor Jamie Matthews speak about the importance of staying in school to fulfill their dreams.

“We are here today because Scott Lane students have been chosen to be the recipients of some very cool gifts,” said Scott Lane Principal Melissa Alatorre-Alnas. “But, not only that, the company, organization, state, and district representatives that are here with me on stage – all of these people have chosen you to believe in. They believe every student at Scott Lane can be successful in school and in life….So, as each of them speak to you today, listen very carefully because they could have chosen any students in the world and they chose you to believe in.”

Each speaker encouraged the students to stay in school and continue their education and each shared a story about their childhood to further prove that regardless of their background, every student has the opportunity to be successful.

“When I was growing up…I truly believed and everyone around me believed that I could do exactly what I wanted to do,” said Matthews. “And [one day] I said to the yard duty teacher [at Westwood Elementary] Ms. Long, ‘I’m going to be the Mayor of Santa Clara.’ And you know what she said to me? She said [to] stay in school, believe in yourself and you can do it. And you know what I am? I’m the Mayor of Santa Clara. Believe in yourself and there’s nothing you can’t do. Getting a great education helps you along the way to give you the skills that you need so that when the opportunities come up you’re ready for them. And Congressman Honda said, and he’s absolutely right, learning is a life-long endeavor. This is the foundation for it – you have a great school, a great principal, great teachers, great community partners, you have the support of all these people, and you have myself. I am proud of you. The City is proud of you and we are excited about Scott Lane School.”

K to College Director and Co-Founder Benito Delgado-Olson summed up the morning best. “These gifts are for you and for no one else and they’re all exactly what you deserve for being a student right here at Scott Lane. So we want you to take them, we want you to study hard, we want you to listen to your parents your aunties, your uncles, and most importantly, your teachers and learn and succeed.”


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