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Santa Clara Voters Asked to Decide Measure D

There is one measure on the ballot this June that pertains solely to Santa Clara.

Measure D.

If you haven’t heard about it until now, that’s not a surprise. Measure D is little more than a formality at this point and some would say an unnecessary one at that.


The measure is a culmination of years of court battles and City Council infighting. It reads: “Shall the City Charter be amended to elect city council members by district, excepting the mayor, to establish six districts for the election of one council member to represent each district; and to establish a 30-day residency requirement for all elected officials?”

In other words, it’s exactly what Santa Clara is doing currently.

This is the third ballot measure the City of Santa Clara has placed on the ballot since a Santa Clara County Superior Court judge ruled in July 2018 that Santa Clara was in violation of the California Voting Rights Act (CVRA). The CVRA ruling was appealed by the City but upheld by the Sixth District Court of Appeal in December 2020.

Even if voters reject Measure D, the City’s website says nothing will change.

“Based on the court judgment and settlement, the district elections would remain in place,” reads the City’s website. “Should Measure D not be approved by voter, there would be a conflict between the City Charter and the City’s Election’s process which could lead to confusion. Measure D is an effort to ensure that local election rules and practices are aligned, clear and easy to understand as well as administered appropriately.”

The entire point of Measure D is to avoid future confusion. Something that the City’s website emphasizes by saying, “Alignment between the charter language and the existing election infrastructure will reduce any potential for conflict and misinterpretation moving forwards.”

Measure D will appear on the June 7, 2022 Primary Election ballot for all Santa Clara residents.

A “Yes” vote means you approve the charter amendment.

A “No” vote means you reject the charter amendment.


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