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Santa Clara Police Report: August 2 – 8

The Police Blotter highlights a partial list of incidents in the city and is distributed on a weekly basis. The Blotter provides the date, time, approximate location, a narrative summary of the incident, case number and the most serious arrest charge.

Meanwhile, the Arrest Log provides a timely, chronological summary of all the arrests made by the Santa Clara Police Department. It includes the name of the suspect(s), date of birth, city in which they reside, arrest date, time, location, case number as well as all the charge(s) associated with the arrest. This information, located on the Santa Clara Police Department’s home page (, is updated daily and serves as the most comprehensive list of arrests made.


Sunday, August 2, 2020


Missing Person

Location: 2400 Block of Mosswood Lane

Ms. Annie Enriquez went missing from her Santa Clara home sometime between 0030 hours and 0900 hours.

She was determined to be 75-years old, blind, deaf, non-verbal and diagnosed with the mental capacity of a 5-year-old. She also has serious pre-existing medical conditions and does not wear medical identification.

The Santa Clara Police Department conducted an area canvas. A County bulletin was distributed to law enforcement agencies throughout the region. Hospitals were checked and local public transportation (e.g. VTA, Caltrain, etc.) agencies were notified. The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Team responded with their canine teams to assist with a search. The Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety searched creek beds with their Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. After all efforts had been exhausted, a Silver Alert (e.g. activate changeable message signs, be on the lookout alerts, emergency information sent via text, electronic flyer, etc.) was issued through the California Highway Patrol.

Two citizens, working on the 200 block of Escuela Drive in Mountain View, received the Silver Alert and located Ms. Enriquez nearby.

Both the Mountain View Police Department and Santa Clara Police Department arrived on scene at approximately 1900 hours and confirmed Ms. Enriquez identity. She was reunited with her family thanks to the support of our community and law enforcement partners.

Time: 0900

Case Numbers: 20-802045


NOTE:  Residents are asked to put protections in place for their loved ones, particularly vulnerable populations. Whether it is a child facing a severe food/drug allergy, an individual has a medical condition (e.g. Alzheimer’s/dementia, asthma, autism, blood disorders, epilepsy/seizures, heart disease or hypertension), an implanted device (e.g. coronary stent, pacemaker, etc.) or is at-risk for wandering, consider safeguarding your family members.

For individuals at-risk of wandering, consider:

  • Securing your home (e.g. device to signal door/window has opened, install a home alarm, mount locks out of sight line, etc.)
  • Safeguard your property (e.g. fence gate latch working property and/or locked, etc.)
  • Dress your family member in bright clothing, particularly when in a crowd
  • Let neighbors know your family member may wander, and provide them with your contact information should they see them outside without supervision
  • A personal locator system

In addition, make sure your loved one always has identification with them (e.g. wallet, medical identification jewelry, sew identification in jacket, etc.). Doing so improves the care first responders and medical professionals can provide once your family member is located.


Monday, August 3, 2020

Commercial Burglary

Location: 3000 Block of Scott Boulevard

An unknown subject(s) entered an enclosed area of a business on the 3000 block of Scott Boulevard and stole a generator valued at approximately $500. The subject(s) are unidentified and outstanding.

Time: 0700

Case Number: 20-803078


Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Location: 3000 Block of Kaiser Drive

A resident checked a mobile banking application and noticed two fraudulent transactions. Both transactions were made to Airbnb, in the amounts of $1,693.80 and $2,026.01. At the time of the report, a subject had not yet been identified.

Time: 1642

Case Number: 20-804135


Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Commercial Burglary

Location: 3700 Block of El Camino Real

Public Safety Dispatchers received a call for service about a burglary in progress on the 3700 block of El Camino Real. The reporting party was remote and indicated two subjects were captured on video surveillance.

Upon arrival, an officer observed the glass front door had been shattered and saw one person rummaging around inside the store wearing a hooded sweatshirt over their head. While the officer was waiting for backup officers to arrive, the subject exited the store by crawling out of the bottom half of the broken door. The officer gave the subject verbal commands however the subject did not initially comply. When the subject observed additional officers arriving, the subject complied. He was arrested and transported to the Santa Clara County Jail.

A second subject, as initially reported, was not located.

Time: 0549

Case Number: 20-805016


Thursday, August 6, 2020


Location: 1100 Block of Pomeroy Avenue

Public Safety Dispatchers received a call from the 1100 block of Pomeroy Avenue to report a fraud.

A victim received a call and email from a subject who claimed to work for the Santa Clara Police Department investigating an immigration violation. The victim sent $2,000 in Target gift cards to the subject. The subject used a “spoof” caller, is unidentified and at large.

Time: 1325

Case Number: 20-806153


NOTE:  The Santa Clara Police Department received a report of a scammer attempting to impersonate a Police Department employee.

According to the victim, the suspect “spoofed” the caller ID with 408-615-4700 and 408-615-4744, to make it appear the phone call was coming from an actual SCPD phone line. The suspect then impersonated an SCPD police officer, claiming to be enforcing an immigration violation and demanding money.

SCPD employees will never ask for payment over the phone in the form of cash, check, pre-paid gift card or credit card. In addition, the responsibility for enforcement of civil immigration laws rests with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Removal Operations (ERO). SCPD will not detain, question or arrest a person for the sole purpose of discovering a person’s citizenship or status under civil immigration laws.

If someone calls you claiming to be from SCPD, hang up and call Public Safety Dispatchers via the non-emergency phone line at 408-615-5580.

Finally, please take the time to warn your older family members, neighbors, and friends of this local scam to help prevent others from being victimized.


Friday, August 7, 2020

Residential Burglary

Location: 4400 Block of Laird Circle

Sometime between 8/3/2020 at 2200 hours and 8/4/2020 at 0600 hours, a residential burglary occurred on the 4400 block of Laird Circle.

An unknown subject(s) entered the garage through an unlocked side door and stole two bicycles, valued at $1,300. The subject(s) exited the garage through the side door, fled in an unknown direction and remain at large.

Time: 1512

Case Number: 20-807083


Saturday, August 8, 2020


Location: French Street at Monroe Street

An officer observed a vehicle making a turn onto Monroe Street from Chromite Drive without a front license plate. The officer initiated a traffic enforcement stop.

Upon contact with the male driver and two passengers, one female and one male, the officer could smell a strong odor of cannabis emitting from the vehicle. A Records check was conducted on each of the vehicle’s occupants.

A search of the vehicle yielded a loaded handgun, ammunition, a controlled substance, multiple pills without a prescription and $773 in cash. The items were determined to belong to the male passenger. He was arrested and transported to the Santa Clara County Jail.

Time: 1753

Case Number: 20-808149


During these challenging times, if you find yourself in a troubling situation, the Santa Clara Police Department encourages you to utilize the following community resources:

  • Disaster Distress Helpline, 800-985-5990
  • Domestic Violence Crisis Line, 800-799-7233
  • Emergency, 9-1-1
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness, 800-950-6264 or text 741741
  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline, 800-273-8255
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 800-662-4357
  • Veteran’s Crisis Line, 800-273-8255

For accurate Coronavirus information:


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  1. Mishi 4 years ago

    With American incarceration rates higher than at any time in human history, perhaps we ought to be thinking about the role of police in our society? Reading through this weeks police report I do not see once incident that requires an armed police response.

    An amber alert for a missing person should not be a function of police. Detectives are better suited to handle burglaries and fraud. Drugs, particularly cannabis which is legal in California, should not be criminalized at all. The 2nd amendment allows us to own guns. The police report did not note if the gun found is registered. Either way, we need better gun legislation, not more police.

    Americas high incarceration rates mirror the terrible income inequality in our society. This is by design. The way to a more peaceful society and less crime is to invest in housing, education, and social welfare not more police.

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