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Santa Clara Police Help Bicyclists Prevent Thefts

Santa Clara Police Help Bicyclists Prevent Thefts

Bicycle theft is on the rise in Santa Clara. The Santa Clara Police Department reports that about 200 bikes have been stolen in the city over the past three months, most of them in the Rivermark neighborhood north of Highway 101.

And it’s not just expensive bikes that are disappearing. A $150 cruiser is as likely to be snatched as a $1,500 racing bike.

SCPD isn’t waiting around for things to get better by themselves.


On Oct. 29, the police department Community Services Unit, helped by Santa Clara PAL and the Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs, held a free bicycle theft awareness and safety fair at Don Callejon School. The officers discussed biking safety and how people can protect themselves from bike thieves. The event also offered free bike registration (, helmets and locks, as well as a tasty BBQ provided by Santa Clara PAL.

Got questions about biking safely? Call Community Service Officer Deanna Black at (408) 615-4876.

Tips for Keeping Your Bike Safe

  • Register your bike at
  • Never, ever leave your bike unlocked.
  • Lock it with a strong steel alloy U-lock or 3/8 inch chain or cable. And lock the whole bike, not just the wheel.
  • Lock your bike to something that’s permanently fixed in the ground – and double check that it’s indeed fixed. Thieves have been known to unbolt bicycle racks from the pavement.
  • Park in an open and visible place – thieves prefer privacy.
  • Store bikes in your home, not the garage.

For more tips, as well as a highly entertaining video on how to lock your bike properly, visit the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition at


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