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Santa Clara City Clerk Candidate: Tom MacDevitt

The Santa Clara Weekly has invited candidates running for Santa Clara City Council and City Clerk to speak directly to the voters via our website. 


1.      What is the primary role of the City Clerk? 

Currently the primary role of the Santa Clara City Clerk is to administer the elections for the city.  This mostly involves getting the necessary forms and notifications from any candidates for elected office. 


2.      How will you ensure that the Council and City operates in a transparent way and that its operations comply with law?

The City Clerk position no longer is the city auditor, so it is not a specific job duty.  However ensuring transparency is something that I am personally vested in.

3.      What constitutes a conflict of interest for a City Clerk?

Since the City Clerk is an elected position, administering the election reports for the candidates that are running against the incumbent City Clerk is a conflict of interest.  Such matters should be delegated to another staff member in the office.

4.      How will you conduct yourself so that you will be a fair and impartial administrator? How will you ensure that you are perceived that way? 

Transparency helps ensure that perception is accurate.  I will revamp the information that the city provides for elections and make this available to all.

The following candidates for City Clerk Candidates did not respond to the Weekly’s opportunity to speak to the voters: Hosam Haggag, Roseann LaCoursiere and Christopher Stampolis.


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  1. Thomas 6 years ago

    My thanks to the people who voted for me. Its clear that even if you have the best product on the shelf, without marketing and advertising, not many will know about it. I will do a much better job of this next time.

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