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10/16/2018 Sunnyvale City Council Preview: Fair Oaks Park Redesign and Ballot Measure Positions

This looks to be a pretty light agenda this time.

We start the evening with a closed session regarding the ongoing negotiations to find an affordable housing provider for the city-owned property on Block 15 of the Downtown (southern half of Mathilda/Iowa/Charles/McKinley). This is followed by another closed session regarding the City Manager’s annual performance review.

There are no special orders or presentations, so we get right to business. There are a bunch of meeting minutes to approve (seriously, it’s like a month’s worth). There’s a notice of intention to hold a hearing on November 13th regarding the vacation of part of Carl Road.


There’s an increase in city payments for medical benefits, due to CalPERS increase. There’s a design contract for replacing a water pipeline on Lincoln which is causing quality and supply issues. There’s an agreement with Unique Boutique so it can continue to operate out of the Senior Center. And finally, we’re being asked to ratify Councilmember Smith’s appointment as 2nd Vice President of the Women’s Caucus of the League of California Cities Peninsula Division.

Item 2 has us making another round of board and commission appointments. This will have to be done in two passes during the meeting, due to the complexities of different candidates applying for multiple and often conflicting commissions.

Item 3 has us amending our minimum wage ordinance to establish a 5% cap and to change the name of the CPI index that we use.

Item 4 has us approving the conceptual design for the renovation of Fair Oaks Park.

Finally, item 5 has us taking up city positions on November state and local ballot measures. Staff is recommending the following:

  • Prop 1, affordable housing bonds – support
  • Prop 2, mental illness housing bonds – support
  • Prop 3, water supply and quality bonds – support
  • Prop 4, bonds for children’s health care – no position (deemed not city business)
  • Prop 5, allows Prop 13 transfers for some people – oppose
  • Prop 6, elimination of the gas tax – oppose
  • Prop 7, allow legislature to change Daylight Savings time period – no position (deemed not city business)
  • Prop 8, regulate charges for kidney dialysis – no position (deemed not city business)
  • Prop 10, Costa Hawkins – no position
  • Prop 11, paid breaks for private sector ambulance workers – no position (deemed not city business)
  • Prop 12, standards for confinement of farm animals – no position (deemed not city business)
  • Measure K, Sunnyvale Transient Occupancy Tax increase – support
  • Measure L, Sunnyvale Charter Amendment to appoint a replacement or call a special election to fill council vacancies within 60 days – support
  • Measure BB, SCUSD school bond – support
  • Measure CC, FUHSD school bond – support
  • Measure GG, SESD school bond – support

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