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RJJT Performs Sleeping Beauty Kids

RJJT Performs Sleeping Beauty Kids

Everyone is familiar with the story – The beautiful Princess Aurora, upon her christening, is cursed by the wicked Maleficent so that prior to her 16th birthday, she will get pricked by a spinning needle and fall asleep for eternity. To protect the princess, fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather take her into hiding and raise her as Briar Rose, a commoner. Briar Rose dreams of a life unlike her own and meets, dances and falls deeply in love with the dashing Prince Phillip. On her 16th birthday, Briar Rose is told of her royal roots and finally meets her parents but not before Maleficent’s curse is carried out. Only true love’s kiss can save the Princess Aurora from her sleepy state. Prince Phillip goes after the villain, slays the dragon, awakens the princess and happily ever after commences. Such is the tale of the Walt Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty.

Anything Disney-related gets a large draw and in three sold out performances June 10, 11 and 12, Roberta Jones Junior Theatre performed the true love conquers all story as Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Kids.


The one-act play had only minor differences from the film, the biggest being that the kiss was placed on the back of Princess Aurora’s hand.

Sleeping Beauty Kids had Claire Stone as the enchanting Princess Aurora/Briar Rose, Emerald Lacy as her evil foe Maleficent, and Michael Kennedy as the handsome Prince Phillip. The cast included Carley La Placa as Flora, Maya Collins as Fauna, Sydney Riess as Merryweather, and a handful of extras playing loyal subjects, Maleficent’s goons and forest animals.

Two of the more endearing scenes were when the goons, dressed in purple and black performed the Goon Conga and when Briar Rose sang Once Upon A Dream to her animal companions.

As always, RJJT had a knack for finding the right person for the right role with Stone and Lacy playing their parts to perfection and an ensemble of students who could very well be the next star of the show.

RJJT will next perform Dear Edwina Junior about advice-giver extraordinaire Edwina Spoonapple July 26-28 at 7 p.m. in the Community Recreation Center at 969 Kiely Blvd. in Santa Clara. Tickets are on sale now at


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