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Police Report: November 18 – 24

The Police Blotter highlights a partial list of incidents in the City and is distributed on a weekly basis. The Blotter provides the date, time, approximate location, a narrative summary of the incident, case number and the most serious arrest charge. 

Meanwhile, the Arrest Log provides a timely, chronological summary of all of the arrests made by the Santa Clara Police Department. It includes the name of the suspect(s), date of birth, city in which they reside, arrest date, time, location, case number as well as all of the charge(s) associated with the arrest. This information, located on the Santa Clara Police Department’s homepage (, is updated daily and serves as the most comprehensive list of arrests made.


Sunday, November 18, 2018


Commercial Burglary

Location: 5100 Block of Stevens Creek Boulevard

At approximately 0416 hours, officers responded to an alarm activation at a business on the 5100 block of Stevens Creek Boulevard. There was no sign of forced entry, no suspects present and no apparent missing items.

Approximately two hours later, it was discovered that items were missing from the safe. Through investigation, the suspects were stopped by the San Jose Police Department. SCPD responded and took custody of two males and two female suspects.

The suspect had entered the business with a stolen key, disabled the alarm, cut into a safe and took $46,913 in merchandise, including a tracking device. The stolen property was recovered.

A Records check revealed the female driver was on parole. One of the female passengers was not truthful about her identity and it was later determined she had a misdemeanor warrant and was on searchable probation. All four suspects were arrested and transported to the Santa Clara County Jail.

Time: 0617

Case Number: 18-1118037


Monday, November 19, 2018

Residential Burglary

Location: 3700 Block of Poinciana Drive

An officer was dispatched to the 3700 block of Poinciana Drive on the report of a residential burglary.

An unknown suspect(s) took two laptops, valued at $900, on 11/14/18 from the residence between 1430 and 1530 hours. The suspect(s) remain at large.

Time: 1245

Case Number: 18-1119086


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Grand Theft

Location:  100 Block of Saratoga Avenue

An unknown suspect climbed into the victim’s second story patio on the 100 block of Saratoga Avenue and stole a racing bicycle, valued at $4,000.

The victim’s neighbor witnessed the suspect climbing onto the balcony, however the incident went unreported to police. The suspect remains at large.

Time: 1123

Case Number: 18-1120067


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Medical Call

Location:  Benton Street and Lawrence Expressway

An officer, en route to a separate call for service, was frantically flagged down by a passing motorist who abruptly stopped in the lane next to the patrol vehicle.

A five-year-old was in the backseat of the vehicle, unresponsive and not breathing. The officer quickly evaluated the scene, determined the child was having a seizure and her tongue was blocking her ability to breath. The officer cleared her airway and summoned the Santa Clara Fire Department for medical treatment. The child and her mother were transported to a nearby hospital via ambulance. Meanwhile, the officer drove the child’s father to the hospital.

Time: 1003

Case Number: 18-1121044


Thursday, November 22, 2018

Weapons Arrest

Location:  Lafayette Street and Reeve Street

An officer observed a vehicle traveling on El Camino Real without its headlights on. The officer initiated a traffic enforcement stop due to the time of day and weather conditions.

Upon contact, the officer smelled a strong odor of cannabis emitting from inside the vehicle. The vehicle was occupied by a male driver and female passenger. The driver provided a false name to the officer, could not provide registration or insurance documents and stated he was not the owner of the vehicle. Eventually, a Records check revealed the male driver had two no bail warrants. A search of the vehicle yielded a concealed .38 caliber revolver. He was arrested and transported to the Santa Clara County Jail.

Time: 1751

Case Number: 18-1122115


Residential Burglary

Location: 900 Block of White Drive

An unknown suspect(s) broke into a residence on the 900 block of White Drive.

Various items, including jewelry, medication and important paperwork were stolen, valued at approximately $6,465. The suspect(s) are unknown and remain at large.

Time: 2110

Case Number: 18-1122135


Friday, November 23, 2018

Stolen Vehicle

Location:  Channing Avenue and Seaboard Avenue

An officer conducted a Department of Motor Vehicle registration check on a vehicle traveling on Channing Avenue. The registration returned expired. Before the officer could initiate a traffic enforcement stop, the vehicle turned into a parking lot and the male driver walked away from the vehicle.

The officer approached the subject male driver, who threw the keys on the ground when he saw the officer. A check of the Vehicle Identification Number revealed the vehicle was reported stolen out of San Jose. The license plates also did not belong to that vehicle. A Records check revealed the subject was on PRCS. He was arrested and transported to the Santa Clara County Jail.

Time: 1412

Case Number: 18-1123081


Saturday, November 24, 2018


Location:  2800 Block of Mission College Boulevard

Officers were dispatched to a business on the 2800 block of Mission College Boulevard regarding a possible burglary in progress. Security personnel observed a subject enter a locked building and go up the elevator.

Officers surrounded the 8-story building and a search team began to explore for the male subject. Officers located the subject asleep in a fifth floor conference room. The subject was transient and seeking a warm, dry place to rest.

Time: 2128

Case Number: 18-1124156


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