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Police Report: July 8 – July 14

The Police Blotter highlights a partial list of incidents in the city and is distributed on a weekly basis. The Blotter provides the date, time, approximate location, a narrative summary of the incident, case number and the most serious arrest charge.

Meanwhile, the Arrest Log provides a timely, chronological summary of all of the arrests made by the Santa Clara Police Department. It includes the name of the suspect(s), date of birth, city in which they reside, arrest date, time, location, case number as well as all of the charge(s) associated with the arrest. This information, located on the Santa Clara Police Department’s home page (, is updated daily and serves as the most comprehensive list of arrests made.


Sunday, July 8, 2018



Location: Saratoga Avenue and Kiely Boulevard

An officer observed a vehicle without a front license plate and initiated a traffic enforcement stop in the area of Kiely Boulevard and Saratoga Avenue.

The female driver was positively identified and a Records check revealed she had two active warrants for her arrest; one no bail felony warrant and a misdemeanor no bail warrant. A search of the vehicle yielded two canisters of pepper spray. Her criminal history prohibits her from possessing tear gas, including pepper spray. She was arrested and transported to the Santa Clara County Jail.

Time: 2042

Case Number: 18-6181


Monday, July 9, 2018

Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Location: 3200 Block of Mission College Boulevard

Public Safety Dispatchers deployed officers to a report of a collision involving a vehicle and a pedestrian on the 3200 block of Mission College Boulevard.

Upon arrival, officers learned the female suspect and male victim were former roommates. The two parties got into a verbal dispute in the parking lot. In turn, the suspect drove her vehicle, occupied by her 11-month-old child, into the victim and fled the parking lot. The victim suffered minor injuries.

The suspect called the Santa Clara Police Department to provide a statement and later arrived at the Police Station to meet with an officer. A Records check revealed she has three counts of felony probation. She was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, child endangerment and a probation violation. She was transported to the Santa Clara County Jail.

Time: 1759

Case Number: 18-6208


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Drug Arrest

Location:  2900 Block of El Camino Real

An officer was on foot patrol in a parking lot on the 2900 block of El Camino Real when three subjects, two male and one female, were observed behind a dumpster enclosure of a closed business.

A Records check on the subjects revealed one of the male subjects had a misdemeanor warrant for $5,000. Meanwhile, the female subject was in possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. Both individuals were arrested.

Time: 1837

Case Number: 18-6243


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Petty Theft

Location: 2800 Block of Stevens Creek Boulevard

An officer was dispatched to the 2800 block of Stevens Creek Boulevard on the report of a prior theft.

Upon arrival, the reporting party shared video surveillance of a male suspect shoplifting multiple items, valued at approximately $500. The suspect fled the scene prior to police arrival.

As the officer left the mall, an individual matching the description of the suspect was walking toward the mall entrance. A Records check revealed the suspect was on searchable probation. A store employee positively identified the suspect. He was arrested.

Time: 1854

Case Number: 18-6277


Thursday, July 12, 2018

Petty Theft

Location: 2000 Block of El Camino Real

An officer was dispatched to the 2000 block of El Camino Real on the report of shoplifting.

Two juvenile females were shopping when a Target Loss Prevention Officer observed one suspect place $232.96 in infant and women’s clothing in a shopping cart and leave the store without paying. A Target Loss Prevention Officer stopped the suspect in the parking lot. SCPD issued a

Juvenile Contact Report and released the suspect to her stepmother.

Time: 1639

Case Number: 18-6205


Friday, July 13, 2018

Resisting Arrest

Location: Bascom Avenue and Highway 880

An officer observed a male bicyclist on Washington Street near Newhall Street swerving in and out of the lanes of traffic with complete disregard for his safety or that of others. The officer initiated a traffic enforcement stop in the area of Bascom Avenue and Heatherdale Drive in San Jose. The bicyclist verbally refused the officer and rode his bicycle onto Highway 880 in an attempt to evade.

On Highway 880, the suspect crossed all four lanes of the southbound interstate before being arrested following a foot pursuit on northbound Highway 880.

A Records check revealed the suspect had five misdemeanor warrants out of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office. A search of his person yielded drug paraphernalia. He was transported to the Santa Clara County Jail.

Time: 1751

Case Number: 18-6349


Saturday, July 14, 2018


Location: 3900 Block of Rivermark Plaza

On 7/14/18, at 2114 hours, officers were dispatched to the 3900 block of Rivermark Plaza on the report of a male suspect acting suspicious and carrying a shotgun in a backpack. Officers searched the area without success.

On 7/15/18, at 0005 hours, an officer was dispatched to the 3900 block of Rivermark Plaza on the report of a male suspect carrying a bottle of whiskey and causing a disturbance in a hotel lobby. The suspect description matched that of the earlier incident. Officers responded to the area and made contact with the suspect. A search of his backpack yielded a black airsoft gun with its orange safety tip painted black, making it resemble a real firearm. He was placed under arrest and transported to the Santa Clara County Jail.

Time: 0005

Case Number: 18-6388


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