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Pay for Parking Coming to Valley Fair

Westfield Valley Fair has announced that its new controlled parking plan will go into effect on February 8, 2022.

The plan keeps the first two hours of guest parking free of charge, while introducing modest fees for longer visits.

Westfield’s company research shows that approximately 80% of customer visits are typically completed within a two-hour time frame and would therefore be unaffected by the new plan.


“The Valley Fair team is doing its utmost to ensure safe, easy, and convenient access for customers,” said Westfield Valley Fair Sr. General Manager Sue Newsom. “This new controlled parking plan is part of a broader focus on security at Valley Fair. It is also designed to limit the parking inconveniences experienced by Valley Fair customers as a result of the substantial number of vehicles left onsite each day by individuals heading off to work elsewhere in the Silicon Valley community or embarking upon travel plans at the nearby San Jose International Airport.”

  • Fees: 0-2 hours FREE; 2-3 hours $1; 3-4 hours $2; 4-5 hours $3; 5-6 hours $4; 6-7 hours $5; 7-8 hours $6; 8-9 hours $7; 9-10 hours $8; 10-11 hours $9; 12+ hours a maximum daily rate of $10.
  • Movie Validation: Patrons of Valley Fair’s Showplace ICON Theatre will be able to receive validations for four hours of free parking, with the first $1-per-hour charge only coming into effect upon expiration of the extended validation.

Full details on the new controlled parking plan can be found here.

Employee Parking Fees

As part of the new controlled parking plan, our Valley Fair retail partners will be able to purchase preferred parking passes at a rate of $40 a month, or $3 a day, for designated employee parking spots in the subterranean Stevens Creek garage or at any of the shopping center’s rooftop levels.

If not purchased by the employer, individual employees may purchase the passes themselves.

Passes can be obtained either at the Valley Fair Parking Office (Located on Level 3 by the Security Office) or by setting up accounts for day / monthly use directly with LAZ Parking.

Valet Service and Other Options

In addition to the new controlled parking plan, Valley Fair has also been rolling out a full suite of convenient new parking options to improve the customer experience for all visitors, including the use of “park assist technology” to lead drivers directly to the first available open space.

For guests preferring the convenience of valet service, Valley Fair now offers valet drive-up at the property’s South Valet Station on Stevens Creek Boulevard, as well as its North Valet Station on Forest Avenue.

Valley Fair also has designated drop-off and pick-up station for Uber vehicles (two at each valet station), as well as 60 electrical vehicle charging spaces.

The center is also fully embracing multi-modal transportation options with bike and scooter shares, ride share, enhanced public transportation connectivity, carpooling and more.


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