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One Person Shot Just Before Fourth of July Fireworks Show at Great America

Santa Clara Police are looking for anyone who may have witnessed a shooting outside the Great America Theme Park just minutes before the Fourth of July fireworks show.

According to police, a fight broke out between two separate groups of people as they were approaching the metal detectors at the entrance of the park. One person pulled out a handgun and fired a single shot.

The bullet hit someone in the arm, but did not break skin. The suspect fled with the gun. The person who was hit suffered minor injuries. He was treated at the park and released.


“No suspects were detained for the shooting,” said Lieutenant Todd Cummins of the Santa Clara Police Department (SCPD). “There was the arrest of a juvenile and adult at Great America, but I do not know if they were involved in the incident…We are not aware of any other subject being armed at this time.”

Investigators are hoping someone will step forward to help create a sketch of the suspect. Detectives are also talking to witnesses and trying to determine the exact cause of the fight.

Anyone who may have seen what happened is asked to call Sergeant Jake Malae at (408) 615-4823. Anonymous tips can be left at (408) 241-9495.


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