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O’Connor Hospital Continues as Center of Excellence

Santa Clara Valley Healthcare’s O’Connor Hospital in San José is celebrating its one-year anniversary of the Robotics Surgery team being accredited as a Center of Excellence by the Surgical Review Corporation (SRC). The accreditation recognizes O’Connor Hospital’s commitment and high standard of delivery of quality patient care and safety in robotics, one of the select hospitals in the Bay Area to receive the award. Status as an accredited Center of Excellence means that O’Connor Hospital has met nationally and internationally recognized standards.

Additionally, Dr. Thomas Hirai was named a Surgeon of Excellence by SRC for his dedication to furthering patient safety and care through robotics.

“We are extremely proud of everyone on our Robotics Surgery team here at O’Connor Hospital,” said Juana Castillo, Chief Operating Officer for O’Connor Hospital. “Dr. Hirai is an example of how to best incorporate modern surgery technology for improved patient care.”


Robotics Surgery allows for less invasive procedures that can improve patient recovery times and allow for an increased level of precision. Robotic Surgeries at O’Connor Hospital include general surgery, urology, thoracic, and gynecology procedures that include: removing kidney tumors, chest procedures to fight pneumonia, lung cancer resections, hysterectomies, ovarian cancer removals, hernia operations, colon cancer resection, bariatric weight loss procedures and more.

“The benefits of robotic surgery, done in the context of a well-structured program, include the increased access to minimally invasive surgery by our patients, therefore potentially avoiding surgeries with large, open incisions,” said Dr. Hirai. “But whenever embracing new technologies and new techniques, we must make sure we keep looking at our own outcomes and put safety at the top of our priorities. The SRC certification fits naturally with our quest for continuous improvement, quality and safety. We believe quality is a continuous process, and not just a one-time goal.”

Surgeries done with robotics also allow for images to be seen with a 3D lens.

Health care facilities and surgeons seeking an SRC accreditation undergo an extensive assessment and inspection process to ensure the applicant meets SRC’s proven standards and requirements. These requirements include surgical volumes, facility equipment, clinical pathways and standardized operating procedures, an emphasis on patient education and continuous quality assessment. Inspectors educate staff in the accredited departments on best practices to help an organization improve its care and services.

“We’re proud to recognize O’Connor Hospital for its commitment to advancing and providing quality care for all patients,” said Gary M. Pratt, CEO of SRC. “This accreditation signals that this facility is among the best in this specialty and is dedicated to delivering the highest level of care possible.”

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  1. Mark Leon 5 months ago

    The last time I was at Oconner I was there for my heart, I was cut of oxygen by a man who was in a bad mood. Then I was transferred to a corner of a room with a man who had dementia and kept yelling through out the night. Then I noticed someone had put cameras in the glove box in front of me. It all made me feel so weird. I would never go back to oconner ever again! I also forgot to add that one of the staff members swung open my door and said “Who’s jacking off in here!”

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