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New Miss Santa Clara Crowned

New Miss Santa Clara and Outstanding Teen to be Crowned

The Miss Santa Clara pageant on Jan. 8th at the Mission City Center for the Performing Arts kicked off with the eleven contestants performing an energetic dance routine. The energy remained with the young women through the remainder of the competition.

For her on-stage question, Felicia Alvarez, 23, was asked which current or former Miss California has been most influential in her life. Alvarez replied that she greatly admires many attributes of Jackie Geist, Miss California 2008. Geist, who happened to be a mistress of ceremonies at the pageant, beamed graciously at Alvarez’s response.

During the talent segment, Anna Vossler, 21, showed the world she can act and sing while performing a song from the musical Guys and Dolls. Jansie Tompkins, 22, sizzled up the stage with her flips and twirls in a jazz and acrobatic dance to “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner. Arienne Calingo, 18, displayed her graceful ballet moves to a song from the ballet Swan Lake.


During the evening gown segment, Brittany Adams, 20, carried a dignified presence in her sea green gown with gold lace details. Caitlin Hoemmelmeyer, 22, exuded romance and charm in her crimson ball gown embellished with roses.

While all the contestants shined, the two stars of the evening were Jansie Tompkins, who won the title of Miss Santa Clara, and Felicia Alvarez, who won the title of Miss Mission City.

In a ruby red halter dress bursting with sparkling gems, Tompkins was ecstatic about being the new Miss Santa Clara and winning the talent award. Having competed in four other Miss Santa Clara pageants, Tompkins found her fifth pageant to be a charm.

“From my experiences, I want to tell others to just keep going [when you have a goal.] Never say the word ‘can’t.’ Sometimes it’s okay not to win the first time because you gain experience each time you try for something,” Tompkins says.

Currently a student at San Jose State University, Tompkins looks forward to competing in Miss California and promoting her platform, which is pediatric cancer awareness.

“I plan to go to hospitals and schools. I plan to mentor kids to tell them about my platform and about the Miss America organization,” Tompkins says. She adds that she will celebrate her win by treating herself to chocolate.

In a strapless royal blue gown with a striking rhinestone belt, Alvarez was exuberant about being the new Miss Mission City and winning awards for her on-stage question and evening wear. She was also glad she was able to dance in spite of her previously injured heel bone.

“My heel bone is much better than before. My orthopedic doctor told me it wasn’t going to be 100%, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from dancing and competing,” Alvarez says.

Like Tompkins, Alvarez also looks forward to competing in Miss California and promoting after school programs, which is her platform. Alvarez has been active in launching after school programs for some time. With an interest in helping at-risk youth, Alvarez has already started three local after school programs- a dance program, a teen outreach program, and a finance and future planning program.

“My goal is to start five more programs with the Boys and Girls Clubs in Santa Clara County. In the meanwhile, I’m [continuing on with my studies] at San Jose State University,” Alvarez says.

Miss Santa Clara Scholarship Awards:

  • Miss Santa Clara – $2,500, Jansie Tompkins
  • Miss Mission City – $2,500, Felicia Alvarez
  • First Runner-Up – $1,000, Brittany Adams
  • Second Runner-Up – $800, Caitlin Hoemmelmeyer
  • Third Runner-Up – $600, Arienne Calingo
  • Non-Finalists (6 @ $500 each) – $3,000
  • Miss Congeniality Award – $100 – Anna Vossler and Brittany Adams
  • Spirit of Competition Award – $100 – Caitlin Hoemmelmeyer
  • Interview Award – $100, Brittany Adams
  • Talent Award – $100, Jansie Tompkins
  • On-Stage Question Award – $100, Felicia Alvarez
  • Physical Fitness Award – $100, Caitlin Hoemmelmeyer
  • Evening Wear Award – $100, Felicia Alvarez

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