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New Lakewood Branch Library Approved for North Sunnyvale

The new Lakewood Branch Library was announced that would help serve the Lakewood community and the Columbia Neighborhood community.

​A new branch library and learning center is coming to the Lakewood neighborhood in north Sunnyvale. The 20,000-square-foot facility will be located on approximately 2.15 acres of the Lakewood Elementary School property on the site of the unused and closed Lakewood Pool.

The City of Sunnyvale, Sunnyvale School District (SSD) and Fremont Union High School District (FUHSD) partnered on the plans and cost-sharing for the new facility.

“The City of Sunnyvale and Sunnyvale School District have many partnerships that serve the residents of Sunnyvale,” said SSD Superintendent Benjamin Picard. “For almost 25 years the Columbia Neighborhood Center has been exemplified as a community service model for other cities and school districts across California. Now we are leveraging and expanding off of the Columbia Neighborhood Center’s success by partnering to develop the Lakewood Branch Library and Learning Center.


“[The new library] will provide greater access, support, and enrichment opportunities for youth and families of north Sunnyvale,” continued Picard. “It is through these partnerships that enable us to better serve the residents of Sunnyvale.”

All three agencies have now approved the agreement, the key terms of which include:

  • The City will lease the site from SSD for 50 years with an option of an additional 25 years for a total cost of $1 over the term of the lease
  • Each school district will contribute $3 million towards construction
  • The City will be responsible for the design, bidding and construction management
  • SSD will contribute 10 percent and FUHSD will contribute 15 percent of ongoing operations, staffing and maintenance costs
  • A joint task force, similar to the City’s current arrangement at the Columbia Neighborhood Center, will provide oversight and guidance to operations

“With this agreement, we have demonstrated how collaboration and a shared vision can greatly expand what’s possible,” said Sunnyvale City Manager Kent Steffens.” We’re now looking forward to working with our community and school district partners to design and program this new facility and improve access to services in north Sunnyvale.”

The project is scheduled to begin in spring 2020 with a design phase and community input opportunities. The Lakewood Branch Library and Learning Center is planned to open in early 2024. The current estimate for design and construction is approximately $28.3 million.

Learn more about the project on the City’s website.

“Ensuring that every single student we serve has access to a library is critical, and we believe that the Lakewood Branch Library and Learning Center will be an enormous asset to the entire Sunnyvale community,” said FUHSD Superintendent Polly Bove. “We are grateful for the opportunity to continue to collaborate with our school district and city partners on important projects that will impact our students and residents in powerful ways.”


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