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Multicultural Potluck Celebrates Sutter School&#x27s Diversity

Multicultural Potluck Celebrates Sutter School's Diversity

“We want to celebrate the diversity in our community. What better way to do it than over food?” says Michael Fong, principal of John D. Sutter Elementary School, where 21 different languages are spoken by students and their families.

A multicultural potluck dinner was the Jan. 30 culmination of a week of world culture studies. Each class chose a different country to study. Then, on “Passport Friday,” students went from classroom to classroom to learn about each country and get their student passports stamped.

“It's a creative way to learn about other cultures,” says first grade teacher Barbara Liu, whose four sons attended Sutter and tell her that Passport Day was their favorite school event.


The PTA-sponsored potluck included food from several regions of the world, live music and hula dancing.

“It is always exciting for us to see different people and try different food,” says parent Sajjad Lateef.

“We look forward to it every year, and I get to wear all my clothes hanging in the closet,” says his wife, Jabeen Lateef. She and their daughter, Maleeha, each wore a colorful Indian shalwar-kameez.


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