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Milestones – With appreciation! – Opinion

All of us at The Santa Clara Weekly and The Silicon Valley Voice send our thanks, gratitude and appreciation to a very special group of hard-working individuals.

These are the City employees of Santa Clara who keep the power on, the streetlights working and our city operations functioning.

Without their diligence, determination, and downright drive, this city would have wilted like a month-old bouquet.


It is Santa Clara employees who have not only their job to perform, but they have lived through the myriad of major messes manufactured by Mayor Gillmor, her old city council, and her new city manager.

Dumb decisions that defy gravity and common sense became the norm and it was difficult for these dedicated folks to maintain their sanity and sensibility.

The unbridled actions of the prior city council who, without conscience and a mayor who made wrong right, turned Santa Clara south.

Many skilled and talented Santa Clara employees in line for promising futures and promotions were replaced by the actions of a gun for hire city manager. The reign of City Manager Deanna Santana will be long remembered, not for what she accomplished but for what she destroyed while raiding the city treasury.

The Santa Clara Weekly, our residents and our community say thank you to the diligent and dedicated City employees who have given their all to keep our City operational. Your service and services have been superior considering the challenges of COVID and onslaught of restrictions. Santa Clara employees have done their jobs under duress, enduring despicable, dubious decisions of duplicity and direction.

Thank you to Santa Clara City employees who have stayed, served, and withstood the aggravating onslaught of unfairness and oversight. Your commitment is valued and appreciated by every resident who voted to install a balanced council majority in 2020.

With our new year of 2022, you and we, look forward with enthusiasm to a better year, brighter future, and continued council changes returning character and quality to Santa Clara.

Thank you for your tenacity, service, sacrifice and selflessness to ensure superior service to our City. Hats off to each of you who have served, endured and remained optimistic.

Best wishes for a really enjoyable and successfully rewarding New Year!


  1. NoelXXX 2 years ago

    I am amazed. California is indeed a land full of miracle. Miles H Barber, whose level of writing resembles smashing his stubby finger across the keyboard, which dipped in the grease dripped from his beard, and the thought is convoluted in his own mind. Couldn’t help but to wonder: are the local asylum is also on holiday? hallelujah and all those holly, I am amazed.

  2. Bob 2 years ago

    Thanks, Miles, for writing down what the citizens know. Now you need to get them engaged at the ballot box.

  3. Gary F 2 years ago

    I am a 13 year employee of the city. This article is an inspiration for me. The current working climate has made me to feel as though my efforts don’t really matter. This article is renewing my passion to serve the community in which I live.
    Thank you Miles

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