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Milestones – To Change, You Have to Change! – Opinion

How do you run a city without a city manager or even a city attorney?

Based on observation, for the moment, the new Santa Clara Council is doing well; making decisions, picking replacements and rebuilding personnel.

The departure of City Attorney Brian Doyle, his bad legal advice and spurious legal decisions have yielded a short-term savings of money and even more, relief from his injurious, idiotic advice.


Dismissing City Manager Deanna Santana will plug a large leak in the City budget while improving employee morale. Maybe another fallout will be Santana’s handpicked and appointed managers, who should now be looking for new opportunities somewhere other than Santa Clara.

The new era council, spearheaded by Anthony Becker, Karen Hardy, Raj Chahal, Kevin Park and Suds Jain, have created the biggest shake up in Santa Clara since the Loma Prieta earthquake of ’89.

Mayor Lisa Gillmor is now akin to the emperor who has no clothes, or in Santa Clara’s case, no influence, no power and no accomplishments.

Santa Clara’s current Council has taken time to observe the obvious, identify the issues, and rebuild the remnants of Gillmor’s calamities.

The actions needed to right wrongs may be apparent; however, it does take time, investigation, and thoughtful action. This Council has taken aim before pulling the trigger and their target has centered on the bullseye of business.

First is City business and second is business for the City.

Santa Clara is fortunate to be home to over two dozen of the largest companies in the country. While the City has a partnership with the San Francisco 49ers, the plethora of public companies in Santa Clara provide the possibility of partnerships producing powerful projects.

You wonder what relationships can be created and partnerships established to participate with these companies in making Santa Clara world-class again.

When you think about what Santa Clara needs, and what partnerships Santa Clara companies can provide, the possibilities are unlimited.

Imagine a new world-class “Intel Swim Center,” or a rejuvenated “Nvidia Central Park,” or a regional “AMD Cultural Center.” Maybe even sell naming rights and you could possibly see the “Coherent Convention Center of Santa Clara.”

Santa Clara’s new era council members see the value of participation, planning and partnering. This Council is looking to build, be inclusive, be visionary and participate in partnerships with these companies.

If this happened, you would wonder if Mayor Gillmor would then name-call these council members the Intel Idiots, or the Nvidia Nitwits instead of the 49er Five?

One thing is certain, this Council will not be known as the Doyle Dumbbells or the Santana Suckers!



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