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Milestones – Thanks to Giving! – Opinion

A gift is most often a welcome thought expressed in the physical form of an item. These are usually welcome and received with appreciation and on occasion, as a life changing experience.

Santa Clara is blessed to benefit from gift givers in so many different forms. These are the City’s non-profits, many working diligently to bring rays of light to the underserved. During the holidays, the significance of these acts, fill many voids in the lives of the lonely.

I am privileged to live in such a great community that reaches out to many who cannot reach out and this outreach makes many lives a bit more enjoyable.


Santa Clara non-profits often raise their own funds, purchase items, prepare food, locate clothing and household goods at their own expense, donate time they often do not have to be repaid with a smile, tears or a simple “thank you.”

It is a very special gift for these non-profits to remember the unremembered. Their gifts of time and dedication to delivery is a drive which comes from inside themselves and expressed by their actions in physical form.

This is the continuation of Thanksgiving today. It has gone through the generations of iterations that have changed in some ways yet embodied the original intent of sharing with thanks.

Thank you, Santa Clara, for giving us here at The Weekly and Silicon Valley Voice the support to bring you local journalism with thought, honesty and insights.

Thank you to our City Council who have displayed dignity and determination in doing the right thing during the difficult decision process.

With that, we have much for which to be thankful.

It really is a time for Thanks and Giving.


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