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Milestones – Ten Weeks of Turmoil! – Opinion

Closing out August, we are about to enter that 10-week surge until the November elections. Certainly, the national scene will be getting attention, but important to Santa Clara is the focus on local races impacting residents.

Karen Hardy and Raj Chahal are up for city council reelection. In 2018, Hardy and Chahal led the initial infusion of new blood: starting the movement to a Council with that marvelous quality of common sense and away from a Council run amuck.

Voters watched enough, experienced enough, endured enough to know change was overdue. In 2020, residents voted in and added Anthony Becker, Suds Jain and Kevin Park to City Council. Residents defeated all but one of Mayor Gillmor’s chosen, hand-picked candidates.


The results have been major. The new council majority has created a new landscape with a sensible outlook and a rejuvenating vision for Santa Clara.

Now, there is one more. Mayor Lisa Gillmor has dreams of returning as mayor and completing her nightmare. Wait a minute. Lisa Gillmor has been on City Council one way or another for 19 of the past 30 years. She has served as mayor the past six years, spending residents’ money like wastewater on a host of issues, including self-serving busts like Measure C.

You might remember this one. Following the court’s order for six districts in Santa Clara, Lisa Gillmor spent your City money trying to convince voters that three districts were better than six. Voters rejected her self-serving proposal, which she paid for with your City money.

Now her position is in jeopardy. Councilmember Anthony Becker has challenged Gillmor for the Mayor’s job.

Santa Clara voters have had it with Gillmor. Her mismanagement, hiring practices, lawsuits, spurious spending, wads of waste and busted budgets are enough.

Santa Clara is ready for a fresh face to lead the Mission City and Anthony Becker is a great choice.

Becker led the coalition to oust former City Attorney Brian Doyle, who cost Santa Clara millions in unnecessary litigation. He also led the charge for change to terminate City Manager Deana Santana, whose autocratic management style and $800,000 compensation package were approved by Gillmor.

Think about it folks, after Gillmor’s 19 years on Council, six years as Mayor and Santa Clara has a $19 million budget deficit.

No question! Santa Clara will do better with Anthony Becker as Mayor.


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