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Milestones (OPINION)

No one really likes to be duped.

Being fooled by a magician with an illusion is a trick and different from being duped.

Being duped falls in the category of being led to believe that something is, when it’s not.


Now if you don’t believe this is the case, we have a great ocean front property available for you at a bargain price located in Elko, Nevada.

When you are fooled by a magician, you are often amazed, intrigued and wonder how they did that.

When you are duped, very seldom do you ask. “Why did I do that?”

For the last month a number of Santa Clara residents have been duped. They have been duped into believing that Robert Haugh has set up a Go Fund Me website in the name of protecting free speech. The fund is actually to pay his legal expenses for ignoring common sense.

You see, Haugh wrote some very slanderous statements on his public blog about the Santa Clara Weekly and its publisher, Miles Barber.

Barber sent him an email requesting a cease and desist. Haugh ignored Barber’s request and continued his defamatory campaign.

Barber and the Weekly sued Haugh for a variety of items including defamation. Of the five counts alleged in the lawsuit, not one, (get this) not one, has anything to do with free speech.

Mr. Haugh went to the community and cried “pooooor me.” “Oh, it is a case of David vs Goliath. The big bad Weekly is attacking poor little me.”

No, Robert. It is a case of true journalism vs a fake news gossip blog.

What did you expect? Did you think you were going to receive a bag of marshmallows and a box of chocolates?

You were sued for cause. And you are continuing to dupe folks in Santa Clara into believing the Weekly wants to deny your right to free speech.

No. Even idiots know they can say anything they wish. They just have to be prepared to defend what they say.

In this case Mr. Haugh made slanderous statements that are not defensible. The greatest defensible offense is the truth, of which there seems to be a great deal lacking in the gossip blog Mr. Haugh is publishing.

The Go Fund Me account that Mr. Haugh set up was designed to mislead the public into believing that his right of free speech has been threatened.

The only threat to free speech in this whole scenario are the anonymous donor(s) that are supporting his defense.

You have got to wonder who is duping who, or who duped who, to finance the defense for a guy who writes a gossip column.


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