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Milestones (OPINION)

If you know the truth, the truth will set you free.

The big word here is “if.”

Have you noticed there are some folks who have little regard for truth? There are rumor mongers galore that can hardly wait to blow their trumpet of truth out on Facebook, Nextdoor, or some homemade blog.


The juicier the scandal, the bigger the lie, seems to create more readers and, in turn, more gossip. It also creates more believers who are actually sucked into this cesspool of intellectual carnage.

Sorting through this maze of myth, fantasy and fabrication is a challenge for every inquiring mind. Usually the whoppers carry some relation to truth. It’s just that truth alone usually doesn’t have the emotional stirring results that adding a sex scene, embezzlement, or a grocery store bandit armed with a Howitzer ignites.

Did you know that 50% of the population of the United States believe that aliens exist and actually visit this planet? It doesn’t matter what scientific facts exist, this is their truth.

So, is it any wonder why we have disagreement on almost every issue between members of our community?

Perhaps the one thing we can agree on this time of year is the right to vote.

You see, 90% of our population believe in our Constitution.

With such a high percentage of people who believe it is their duty to vote, you would think more people would.

This November’s election we will be lucky to have a 55% voter turnout.

There usually isn’t anything sexy about voting. There are not many issues that are buried in scandal, deceit, bribery or flagrant corruption.

One of the resulting issues from low voter turnout is that sometimes those who vote get it wrong. Not always, but on occasion it happens.

What we all hope for in every election is for the right issue or candidate to win.

That way we know that 90% of the time we get it right.

This is why it is so important for Santa Clara City Council to allow voters to decide who should be our next Council Member.

This Council wants to appoint a Council person to fill Dominic Caserta’s vacant seat.

Now, while we might trust 55% of the population to get it right in selecting our next Council Member, leaving this decision to four or five current Council people doesn’t make sense.

Remember, if statistics hold true, we know that half of this Council believes in UFOs.

If that doesn’t make you a little jittery, how do you know they wouldn’t nominate another of their own?

Let’s trust the election process and let the voters decide who should be the next Council Member.

That elected official may also be a UFO believer; however, they would still be ours!


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