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Santa Clara needs a new CEO…aka Mayor.

In a Valley that leads the world with innovation, brilliant CEO’s are at the forefront. Their vision opens doors for collaborative creativity, ingenious ideas and brilliant teamwork.

Lacking in our City is a CEO who has collaborative vision and the gift of leadership. This was best demonstrated at last Tuesday night’s Stadium Authority meeting.


Mayor Gillmor and her minions were the embarrassment of the Valley.

Steaming from the bad press at last weekend’s stadium soccer match, our Mayor and Council majority were pointing fingers to cover their derrieres.

In what could have been, should have been, a productive report of effective enforcement of our police department’s security plan at the stadium, became instead a faultfinding, fingerpointing bitch session.

In a poorly orchestrated public whipping of the 49ers Management Company, our Police Chief, our stadium security plan, stadium parking and anything to do with the stadium was an over the top bust!

This meeting had to be a warm up for what to expect in the upcoming election. Our City CEO conducted this meeting like an interrogation reflective of the Salem witch hunts.

Spending the better part of two hours chastising staff, police officials and business partners. This Council majority set themselves out as judge, jury and probation officers.

It was a dismal attempt to be critical of some very good people. Yet by now, we should have learned to expect nothing else. The sweet, charming and entertaining Mayor of Santa Clara, showed her true side, baring sharp teeth and pointy claws.

This soccer match had nearly 65,000 fans in attendance and generated several million in revenue—along with a few disturbances in the stadium and others alleged in the neighborhood. If you can believe it, these fans were drinking alcohol. Oh shame!

It is no secret that soccer fans tend to be passionate about their sport. When disturbances escalated inside the stadium, security called for a Code 20 for the first time in 82 major events, which immediately brought reserve enforcement officers to the scene.

This action has always been a part of our stadium security back up plan. Most importantly it worked just like it was supposed to, as order was restored promptly.

A big deal was made about the 28 people arrested for intoxication. Funny, that’s the same average number as at a regular NFL football game.

The Mayor went off on a rambling tangent about selling alcohol just to make more money and that was not going to be tolerated. This was followed by comments from Debi Davis stating people were coming through the magnatometers “trashed.”

No Madam Mayor and Ms. Davis. As the Stadium Operations Director told you, more than 50 patrons were turned away at the gates and management cut off alcohol sales at half time. Apparently you weren’t paying attention.

It is difficult, if not impossible, for our staff and business partners to provide objective reports to a CEO and City Council that doesn’t listen, collaborate or compliment…only criticize.

When it comes to accurate reporting of facts, most people would trust Police Chief Mike Sellers and his staff over media reporting or this Council’s insensitive and uninformed accusations.

But then, Chief Seller’s doesn’t have an ongoing beef with the Stadium Management Company.

Yes, new management is needed…not at our stadium; In our City!


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