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Milestones (OPINION)

Perusing through the political problems plaguing our Province is a powerful and practical pastime.

Power can be punishing, pushing people out of positions, pretending it is perfect.

Perpetrating the positions of power, piece by piece, produces a powerless public.


Pungent penetration of the parameters of purposeful pronouncements, puts power in the paws of pathetic people.

Playing the part of Princes, they pull apart perfectly practical people of position and prominence. The positions are replaced with people having perverse plans of pulchritude.

Purposely they spew out pretty platitudes to appease the public while putting into practice petty positions of poison.

Political power has its place.

Properly placed, power produces a Province of peace and prosperity.

Power misplaced produces a poor municipal pocketbook.

Practicing what our Princes preach appears a pointless public possibility.

Public opinion is permitted, providing it parallels perfectly with our Princes and their peers’ position.

Opposing positions are placed in purgatory.

Proposing a plan of purpose without approval of the Princes is problematic.

Pretending to pursue the public’s input is a pastime play of power to position public opinion approved by the Princes.

Purposefully putting on planning promotions and public platforms they permit the public to perform. Pretending the public is important primarily to parlay their presentations into political policy.

Pandering and play-acting to the populous is powerful.

Power to the people…a pale and painful proclamation projected in purposeful pretense.

Princes must pretend, their position of pronouncement must appear as the peoples’ proposal.

Professional promoters, paid by the Princes with the public’s purse, push for approval of  precise proposed plans. Persuasive people pack the Princes’ palace to promote and approve these plans.

Public participants are passionate about the projects.

This appears as public approval.

Practically, who can protest the public’s position?

The “public” has produced the project, position and plan.

Participation of the public presentations persuades the Princes to approve what is perceived as public opinion.

The Princes are empowered to approve and promptly promote the new public policy.

Pitiful are the peasants impacted by the Princes, they are powerless to protest as the “public” has proclaimed their place in purgatory as permanent.


Pray for Patty.


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