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Milestones (OPINION)


It is amazing to watch and hear public reactions to the Weekly’s reporting over the past few weeks.

It was expected we would see some fast back peddling by the Mayor and the City Attorney over the exposure of the Banner Public Affairs contract. While that happened, there were some pretty heated Council discussions over how this contract was awarded, implemented and invoiced.

The Banner story of secrecy and deceit would normally be enough to raise the blood pressure of most citizens, but not in Santa Clara. It appears that we have become inoculated and immunized against such shocking events.


Maybe the residents of Santa Clara are just numb in disbelief of what is going on. After all, no one, regardless of age, can recall anything this irregular in our City politics.

When the Weekly posted those outrageous emails between Council Members Davis and O’Neill, most communities would have been storming their City Hall with demands of resignation. Their making fun of Council Member Mahan’s cancer as though it were a bad cold, as opposed to a life-threatening illness, is reprehensible and irresponsible behavior.

Have they apologized?

No…not one word.

Instead, Mayor Gillmor brings a few of her supporters to last weeks’ Council meeting to attack the Weekly. George Neto said “The Weekly is a piece of $#!%!” Now, George is a good guy and has had a tough year. But calling the Weekly names doesn’t change the truth.

George, Council and community members, the Weekly did not write those ugly emails—Council Members Davis and O’Neill did.

They are the individuals to which you should be directing your anger.

What is stunning and unbelievable is that Davis or O’Neill have offered no apology to Council Member Mahan, nor to the many members of the public who have been stricken with cancer.

They have failed to acknowledge their error and fess up to it. Neither Council Member has done that. Obviously with them, pride, ego and politics overshadow human kindness!

Now that Mahan has had a reoccurance of cancer, your “no apology” speaks loudly to your character, or more accurately…your lack thereof.

To apologize at this late date would be embarrassing.

If you really had empathy, understanding and character you both would step down and resign from Council while you are still held in some regard.

Stepping down would be an indication to the community that you really do care about Santa Clara. The rift you have created on this Council can never be healed and the only prescription is to step aside and make room for more sensitive and responsive community members to serve.

You no longer have the confidence of the community.


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