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Milestones – Kudos to a Caring Council! – Opinion

Peeling back the curtain on nefarious activities and actions by Mayor Lisa Gillmor and her hired comrades has revealed crazy, compliant, perhaps even criminal cronyism.

Former City Attorney Brian Doyle, who was hired by Gillmor to provide legal counsel, proved to be both incompetent and a partisan, and one not well disguised. His advice was often slanted to support only the mayor, not the City nor Santa Clara residents.

His legal counsel was often tainted by his personal opinions, politically prejudiced and often pathetically wrong. In his mind, regardless of expense, any advice was the right decision if it promoted Gillmor’s game plan.


Doyle’s dumb, dubious and delayed decisions, endorsed by Mayor Gillmor, drained residents of more than $6 million. These costs were in addition to his sizable salary.

Doyle is now suing Santa Clara for wrongful termination. (You must be kidding) Santa Clara’s courageous Council should be applauded.

Former City Manager Deanna Santana was recognized as one of the two highest-paid city managers in the state of California. Oh, that’s right, she too was hired by Mayor Lisa Gillmor and paid for with Santa Clara residents’ tax money.

Santana was an insensitive sham who recruited former cronies she could count on to bend the rules, even to the point of making wrong, right. Now that she is gone, coming to light are details about some of her crooked recruits. Authorities have already taken two into custody.

Santa Clara had become the “River City” of California with a lot more at stake than just pool. The City had become a cesspool of costly and compliant cronies. Reprobates replaced Santa Clara’s experienced personnel. Gillmor, Santana and Doyle recruited compatible, complicit companions at any cost, using Santa Clara city cash of course.

Thanks go to Santa Clara’s new era Council majority for crafting the charge for change. Noteworthy is Council Member Anthony Becker, leading the fired-up Council majority in righting the wrongs, restoring leadership and integrity to our public business, and ripping the camouflage off these clandestine cronies.

The Gillmor guillotine that garroted good and great long-time City staff has itself been guillotined. Residents and employees of Santa Clara are now cheering the Council, chanting encouragement to continue the cleaning up, cleaning out and reclaiming of City Hall.

Santa Clara staff and residents deserve dedicated and determined directors of distinction to replace and rebuild the ego-driven decisions of Mayor Gillmor and her former “yes ma’am” minions.

Let’s hope Gillmor runs again for Mayor in November. Residents can finally vote her out. After a total of 26 years of being on, off and on Council again and again, it really is time for Gillmor to be gone.


  1. Coming Soon 2 years ago

    Okay, Miles. I can not wait for next weeks article. What will the topic be? Lisa Gilmor, Brian Doyle or Deanna Santana.

  2. Bothered 2 years ago

    I can’t wait either! No doubt there are a lot more juicy details about these three. The mayor and her remaining girlfriend on the council do nothing but complain about not having the majority anymore. They’re obsessed with the 3 most recent council members, saying that those 3, plus 2 more who won’t play their games, are bad for the city and only there bc of Jed York. These comments are very insulting but the girlfriends don’t care. They are terribly rude to the others. Listen to a public meeting sometime!

    The mayor is quite trumpian in her approach. She has multiple sheep/friends who author horrible stories and tell lies about the other members in their blogs and comments. She’s had 2 people, Algeri & O’Keefe, trying to dig up dirt for many months on those members in an effort to recall some of them. The mayor will probably run these 2 hateful, dirt digging, losers in the next election. She ran O’Keefe last time. TG the city knew better than to elect him. You will hear him speaking during the council meetings, as well, making ugly comments about the mayor’s perceived enemies on the council. He quite often makes backhanded insults about one council member’s sexuality. Again, trumpian, like his good friend, gillmor.

    The mayor and her best gf, Kathy, must really be freaking out now as they’re losing their accomplices one by one. Good! Hopefully they are the next to go!

  3. Rita Holiday 2 years ago

    I am amused at the editorial slant in what is supposed to be journalism in news. This editor seems to have a very biased opinion against the current mayor and several council members. Am I missing something? I like this newsletter, but the stories seemed to be more gossip than news. Again, am I missing something?

  4. YesYouMissedIt 2 years ago

    Yes, you missed the entire heading that it is an “opinion” column.

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