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Milestones – Insanity is Sapping Us! – Opinion

This week we received an electrocardiogram report from voters on the health of our state and nation. Voters will do their own evaluation on the condition of California and the country.

Democrats dominate California and maintain a margin of 47%, compared to Republicans, who number only 24% of voters. In fact, there are more independents registered to vote than Republicans coming in at 30%.

If you are a Democrat, your chances of election success rank high on the Richter Election Scale. That is unless you are running against a better liked and qualified opponent.


However, there is this consideration. Historically, voters tend to follow their wallets. If times are good, they vote their party. And if not, they mark their ballot with personal bias.

Considering current conflicts causing chaos in the country, it just might make for unforeseen reversals.

Even hardcore California Democrats are not immune to current events. Voters have witnessed soaring prices, out of control crime and a failure to rein in lawlessness.

The get along, go along mentality of elected officials is not selling well at the local barber shop. Conversations have heated to the boiling point with constituents shaking their heads in disgust.

The political hypocrisy from incumbents is not unnoticed. The irrational rationalization by politicians is pathetic.

Store owners by the dozens are closing their businesses. Rising costs, the scramble for employees and the salaries they are demanding have eliminated that magic motivator called “profit.”

Then there is the legislated invitation to help yourself to any items in a store up to $950 —which draws only a ticket as a deterrent —is insanity personified.

Without law there is no order, without order you are left with chaos, with chaos you have anarchy and with that…you lose it all.

The only remedy for residents is the voting booth. This is where you can express how you feel about the spiral of insanity that is sapping the strength of our society.

It simply appears that to vote for the same is a vote for more of the same.


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