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Milestones – Get Ready This Time! – Opinion

It has been several years now since the 49ers visited football’s most prestigious event, the Super Bowl.

Thirty-two professional teams from around the nation battle weekly for a playoff position, with the ultimate goal of making it to the big game.

Now, you may be a somewhat fan, a casual observer, or a dedicated follower. However, there are more fans than non-fans. In fact, the NFL tells us that 70% of Americans are attached to a team, attend games or watch on TV and follow their teams’ progress.


So, if that statistic holds true for Santa Clara, there are approximately 89,000 residents who follow the 49ers in person or on TV.

As the host city for a team that makes it to the playoffs and, hopefully, the Super Bowl, Santa Clara needs to show its support and appreciation.

The leader of the cheer team should be Santa Clara’s mayor, Lisa Gillmor.

When the 49ers made their last appearance in the big game, it was 2020 against the Kansas City Chiefs. The 49ers were defeated.

At that time, Mayor Gillmor was at odds with 49er management and there were no city events recognizing the 49ers’ championship achievement reaching the big game.

Now, years later, the 49ers are again contending for football’s grand prize and Mayor Gillmor is in a position to capitalize on this opportunity for the city.

It would make sense for Santa Clara’s City Council and Mayor, in a public event, honor the 49ers on a great year.

And, should the 49ers win, it would put the national spotlight on Santa Clara, particularly if there was a parade and public celebration. Mayor Gillmor could even start a new tradition by presenting the Mayor’s trophy.

Certainly, much more can be accomplished by cooperation, respect and recognition for a team that has battled to the top of the NFL finals.

Yes, the final part of the 49ers’ journey will unfold over the next few weeks and Santa Clara will have 89,000 fans watching and rooting for the team. A perfect culmination would be for Santa Clara officials to honor our local team, the fans and the entire community.


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  1. Do it for the Kids! 5 months ago

    We have a renowned youth football program in the Lions organization, three prized high school teams at Wilcox, Santa Clara, and McDonald High Schools, cheerleaders that get the crowds going at games, music bands that provide entertainment during games, and thousands of fans that support our student athletes and professional team. We also have thousands of similar athletes and fans from throughout the Bay Area traveling to Santa Clara to compete against these youth teams. Most everyone are 49ers fans. It’s sad to see the Santa Clara City Council not honoring our home town team due to politics.
    Maybe we can at least have some Council Members team up with the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau to congratulate the 49ers organization. It would be great for the kids to see adults in their community help celebrate our winning team.

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