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Milestones – Football is Over, Politics Continue! – Opinion

With another 49ers' season in the books, it's time to return to watching the "ping-pong" politics at Santa Clara's City Hall.

It’s over for this year. The 49ers went through six quarterbacks on their journey to the big game and it wasn’t enough. The amazing Brock Purdy, originally known as Mr. Irrelevant, turned into Mr. Incredible. However, he was put out of commission on the first drive in the NFC Championship game. That proved to be the end of the 49ers’ tremendous run. Congratulations to the coaches, the team, the players and the management.

With football over we return to ping-pong at City Hall.

A new city manager is on the horizon. The city’s new attorney, Glen Googins, will also arrive for duty soon, after a twelve-year run as city attorney for Chula Vista.


You may have read that Santa Clara’s prior city attorney Brian Doyle is complaining about Googins’ compensation package. It is the same package Doyle received minus the stupidity and without the clause that guaranteed Doyle’s job for 90 days after an election.

You might remember that Doyle sat on a settlement offer letter from CVRA Attorney Robert Rubin. If Doyle had shared the contents of that letter with the council, it could have saved Santa Clara one million dollars.

This is an indication of Doyle’s judgment skills. He has none.

Doyle has also been threatening for a year to sue the City of Santa Clara over his termination. This is the same jelly-brain attorney who endorsed former City Manager Deanna Santana’s compensation package of nearly a million a year. The same guy who provided legal advice to the council from Grimms’ fairy tales.

The city council should file suit against him for sitting on the CVRA offer until it expired and for offering up legal counsel that should get him disbarred.

Doyle and Santana were hired by Mayor Lisa Gillmor and her supportive council minions who offered their unwavering endorsement.

The scars created by these two misfits will be felt for years as the new council works to recreate a productive and promising future for Santa Clara.

The new city attorney and city manager are indications of a forward-thinking and visionary council.

Gillmor’s election victory by 776 votes was not an overwhelming endorsement. It was a message: Work with your council, Madam Mayor. These council members are endowed with that wonderful gift of common sense.

Will this happen? Watch city council meetings on Tuesday nights and make your own decision.


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