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Milestones – Fake, Foul or Fantasy? – Opinion

The poison politics impregnating publications and news outlets is putrid. Practically every news station omits the obvious and newspapers appear to print anything but news.

These once hailed bastions of communication have lost their purpose and exchanged objectivity for political bias.

For years, this opinion column has exposed the wrongs of people, politics and poor practices, targeting local leaders and issues.


Unfortunately, there was enough bad news about the City’s misdirection taking place that nothing needed to be manufactured.

Now we are experiencing the reality of news being reverse engineered.

News columns have become opinion pieces that consider the facts as fictional fodder or fantasy. They are now, almost always, slanted to promote a person, political position or point of view.

Social media has created a marvelous platform for every skinny-brained moron to rant away with comments and content that have few boundaries.

Is it going to change? If it does, it will be towards acceleration.

Being accurately informed has therefore become more like work and research — as opposed to simply reading, watching and listening.

Consider for a moment the mayor’s race in Santa Clara.

Mayor Lisa Gillmor is running again for her 7th continuous year as mayor. She has served as a city council member or as mayor for a total of 26 years.

In 2016, she took office with $54 million in budget stabilization reserves.

The new budget she just released posts a $19 million deficit and $40 million in budget stabilization reserves. That’s $14 million of your dollars that are not coming back, plus another $19 million you will have to pay in higher fees, parcel taxes or more cuts in City services.

Now you just have to ask: With this track record would you turn your personal checkbook over to Mayor Gillmor to handle your household operations for the next four years?

This is one reason why you vote. This is not a race based on personality, gift of gab or name recognition. It deals more with a past track record and future expected results.

This is your money, so you might think about how it will be used over the next four years.

Your alternative to Mayor Gillmor is Council Member Anthony Becker. He is running for mayor to stop the financial leaks, or in this case, the broken dam.

Now, clearly, this column has facts, is news, and is filled with opinions, since it is an opinion column. And, in case you missed the fake internet news, The Weekly is owned outright by Miles H. Barber, not the San Francisco 49ers, or any other person or entity.


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