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Milestones: Deflect!

When in trouble, deflect.

This is a tactic used by military legions for centuries.

It has also been used cleverly by politicians. When it comes time to vote they tend to avoid the negative impact and focus on the skillfully written text.


New taxes and bonds are often clothed in sympathetic verbiage that allude to improving our infrastructure, repairing potholes, help handicapped children, youth education, shelter for the homeless, mitigation of traffic and a host of flowery, tug-at-your-heart statements.

Deflection is simply designed to redirect your thinking from the actual impact or cost and focus on the benefit that may be intended or imagined.

Santa Clara is attempting to lure voters into keeping power in the hands of a few, which has proven to be quite costly.

This of course is Measure C, which frankly represents “cronyism.”

The City Council of Santa Clara is proposing to change the court ordered breakup of the voting monopoly in the City.

The court said Santa Clara will have six districts and that’s what you have.

The City Council majority is attempting to deflect from the ruling of the courts and entice Santa Clara voters to choose three districts.

So, you get to decide. Do you think you would have wider community representation with six districts…or three?

The courts determined that six made sense: one district, one representative to council.

The City Council prefers three. Two representatives from three districts.

The courts tend to be neutral in applying the law.

The Council has proven to be biased in favor of the few.

My question is: Why is this Council spending your taxpayer dollars to defy the court’s order?

Common sense, a rare commodity in politics, would tell you that six districts provide more and fairer representation than three. So, why spend taxpayer money to prove differently?

Maybe…just maybe, it is the fear of loss of control.

What would you do?

Deflect! Vote to fire the 49er’s management team including their NFL game day revenue and take the heat and attention off Measure C.

Get voter eyes off the issue and make outrageous allegations that distract from the real issue…loss of control if Measure C is defeated!

Quite a gamble on the Mayor’s part.

Pretty brave on the part of Jed York to go public and invest heavily in support of democracy and defeat of an autocracy in Santa Clara by trouncing Measure C.

Joining this campaign is California Secretary of State Alex Padilla who also opposes Measure C.

Now, the question is, “Will voters be deceived by deflection?”


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