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Milestones: Better With Age

You may have noticed The Weekly has a new look.

This update has been made with intent and planning.

It has been more than 20 years since former City Clerk Judy Boccignone asked us if we could make our paper more relevant to our community.


With the news provided by the City, we did that.

At that time, we worked well with the City and they considered us an effective partner.

Today, we are viewed with a critical eye because we don’t always compliment our City Fathers and Mothers.

In most communities, residents embrace the local newspaper.

This is not always the case with local councils.

It is local newspapers that are the watchdogs of the community.

It also happens to be one of the few and only sources for accurate local news.

Now some communities have blogs on the internet. You have learned from your own experience the value of local blogging.

Since the internet is cheap and readily available, it has proven to be a breeding nest for the now famous, fake news.

Any kook can throw up a blog and rag about people, issues or anything.

With little regulation, the right to speak out on virtually any topic with an idea, accusation, white wash or crucifixion is protected by the Constitution.

Free speech is a wonderful gift, that provides power to the press. The real press is alive, effective and, if they do their job, gives insight into their community.

The internet, along with its carefree bloggers who belch out erroneous ideas and stories, is not always a reliable source for facts.

It has, on the other hand, provided instant access to rumor, inaccuracy and imitation news.

The Weekly respects the gift of free speech; however, our desire is, and has been, with intent, to cover real news, report the facts, verify the sources and tell the truth.

While we have made changes over the years, we have kept our format and layout the same for many years.

Our new name, format and layout reflects our growth, acceptance by the community, increased advertisers and readers.

We are appreciative of our community.

We are especially thankful to the many who subscribe to our publication. And we are grateful to our advertisers who are not moved by political agendas and know they have a story to tell with the most effective outreach in our community.

We are pleased to be recognized in the Silicon Valley community as a serious source for reporting.

Our website has received rave reviews and has been quoted in regional publications.

We thank you our readers. Your acceptance and support makes our work worthwhile.


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