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Milestones: A Rhyme In Time (OPINION)

Day time, night time, what does our City offer?

Golden parachutes for managers, proffered to prosper.

Payrolls like rockets reaching high to the sky,


Leaving holes in our budget and draining us dry.

With 70 employees making an astounding $300 grand,

Our rock-like reserves reduced to quivering sand.

“Whoa!” we bemoan at the outflow of cash,

“They’re spending like there’s no end to our City’s stash!”

A run-away freight train with no engineer,

Where is the leadership we value so dear?

They waste our resources on consulting fees,

While we await answers where no one agrees.

Where is the sanity that once ruled our City?

Gone to consultants, oh what a pity.

Dysfunction seems to be our current plight,

This Council can’t turn the ship upright.

Are we repeatedly doomed to have more of this mess?

Frankly, we don’t deserve the ongoing stress.

We look for good news to ease the pain,

Instead we get a blogger’s ignorant refrain.

What have we come to in the public domain,

When bozos are giving us a wimpy bad name?

Deliver us dear God from simpleton theology

And lead us forward with sound ideology.

Why do we spend so reckless and freely,

Then curfew the stadium — where the money is really?

Good judgment has a price, and it’s in the power,

Of our City Council to turn everything sour.

These folks have promised us more of the same,

If they are reelected to continue their game.

We just can’t afford another four years,

That busts our budget and brings us to tears.

Our City of Santa Clara wants leaders we deserve,

Not profligate spenders that blow all our reserves.

Leadership of vision and action we desire,

Building cash reserves is what we require.

Looking ahead to our next choice in direction,

The voters will decide during our next election.

By dumping this game of thrones and their lavish spending,

New leadership can give us a very happy over-the-top ending.


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  1. john forward 6 years ago

    Awesome prose!

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