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Milestones – A Reduction is in Order! – Opinion

Making your decision on who you are going to vote for in our next election should be easier than chewing gum.

California is known as being one of the bluest states in America, and looking at your 401K, you have good reason to be blue.

With the political world looking like Humpty Dumpty on steroids, listen to this. Some folks actually embrace and support, ­opening the jails, allowing no-consequences theft and about a dozen other insane ideas.


It almost appears as if every politician took the oath of office with their fingers crossed behind their backs.

Governor Gavin Newsom is planning to use California’s hard-earned $45 billion surplus as a get out and “vote me in again” program. His plan is to return $400 to every car owner this October as a “Be sure to vote for me” incentive in November.

Just a suggestion: why not lower gas taxes for everyone instead? Residents pay $1.18 per gallon in gas taxes of which $1.00 goes to the state. Governor, you are nearly guaranteed to be reelected so why not reduce gas taxes now? You don’t need to wait until election time to return voters their own money.

Meanwhile, there are other issues that need attention. There are over 1,400 dams in California that are long in the tooth. The fight over water rights and who gets what is an embarrassment. Yes, California is short of water and for good reason. The last dam to be built in California was the Melones Dam where construction started in 1966 and was finished in 1978. At that time, the state’s population was nearly 24,000,000. Currently, California has grown to 40,000,000 residents and is surviving on 1978 infrastructure.

There are bags full of hurdles to building, repairing and enlarging our dams. Here in the county, we are in the process of repairing Anderson Dam. What should be a ten-year project has already passed with another five to six years before completion.

Opposition comes in many different faces, from the neighbors who don’t like the noise to the environmentalists wanting to preserve the ring tale guppies or the long stalk cattails.

It doesn’t matter the issue, there are always the dissidents who have a different point of view.

Fortunately, in this culture, most of the time, the majority wins and has their way.

Unfortunately, those elected by the majority, more often have their way, which almost never includes…reducing taxes.


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