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Looking Back: Week of October 17th Headlines

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (October 18, 1918)

  • Bank of Italy Buys More Banks: Security Bank of Oakland and Three Branches Taken Over This Week: James A. Bachigalupi is Vice President at Bank of Italy
  • Banks Observe New Schedule: To Close on Fridays from 3 to 5 and Reopen 5 to 6
  • No Peace Talk Now Can be Sincere Says Governor William D. Stephens: Peace Must Come With Complete Surrender of Germany
  • Untimely Death of Captain Archibald Preston: Former Santa Clara Man Dies of Pneumonia at Camp Funston, Kansas
  • Santa Clara’s Honor Flag Flying Over City Hall: City has Doubled its Liberty Loan Quota
  • County Superintendent of Schools Asks Boys and Girls to Save Peach, Prune, and Apricot Pits and Nut Shells:  Government Badly in Need of Carbon
  • Listing of  Santa Clara Registrants Called-up for Physical Examination


50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal & News (October 16, 1968)

  • Wilcox High Principal Rudy Buchser Explains View: Strict Discipline Yes but No Intentional Racial Discrimination on Part of Faculty
  • Taxpayers Protest Wilcox Rift: Question Economic Opportunity Commission Staff’s Support of Students Walking off Wilcox High Campus
  • Santa Clara Journal Poll Surveys 50 Santa Clarans: Vietnam War is Major Issue and Richard Nixon is Favored Presidential Candidate
  • University of Santa Clara to Inaugurate New President on October 24th:  Rev. Thomas Dutton Terry, S.J.
  • Sweepstakes Trophy for Parade of Champions Won by Santa Clara Vanguard
  • Petitions Circulated to Aid Sanitary Sewerage Bond Proposition

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