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Looking Back: Week of December 12th Headlines

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (December 13, 1918)

  • Schools Close as Spanish Influenza Returns
  • State’s Message to Boys in Service:  Loving Welcome and Expect Advantageous Placement in Return to Civilian Life
  • Santa Clara County Plans Big Celebration for Homecoming of Heroes: Soldier Boys Coming from Camp Lewis Due in San Jose Tomorrow Afternoon
  • Parents of War Victims Receive Sympathy Scroll
  • How to Mail Xmas Gifts: Export Licenses on Packages for United Kingdom Taken Off Until December 15th
  • Red Cross Has Big Work Ahead: Become Member and Get Button and Red Cross Seals
  • Juvenile Garden Army Utilized in Drive to Speed Up Food Production
  • Unique Christmas Display at Mead’s Jewelry Store at 1064 Franklin Street
  • City Treasurer, Robert Fatjo, Donates Salary to Santa Clara Woman’s Club, Public Library and Volunteer Fire Department


50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal & News (December 11, 1968)

  • Protestors Say ‘Mrs. Brooks Lied’:  Angry Mexican-American Parents Accuse SCUSD Board Chair, Marianne Brooks, of Failing to Accept Their Additional Allegations of Discrimination at Wilcox High School
  • Mexican-American Citizens Committee (MACC) Tells Aim of Group:  Will Pursue Equal Citizenship Status Via the Democratic Process: Organized by Yolanda Marquez, Manuel Hernadez, Ray Mantejo and Mrs. Abel Pinon
  • FACTS Info Due Tonight: Special Meeting of SCUSD to Hear Report of Financial Advisory Commission to Schools
  • Schulman Debate Continues Today: Proposed Schulman Avenue Improvement District Will Primarily Benefit Memorex Corporation
  • Santa Clara Dangerous Building Ordinance Changed:  Controversial Section Modified
  • Public Hearing for Proposed Continuation High School to be Opened at 1495 Don Avenue: Neighborhood Residents Expected to Protest Location
  • Postman Brought 13,327 Pieces of Mail to Home:  Santa Clara Postal Worker, Joseph L. Francisco, Jr. Indicted for Taking Home Mail Instead of Delivering It

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