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Looking Back: Santa Clara Headlines From March 6th

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (March 7, 1919)

  • Celebration on July 4th to be Mammoth Event: A.N. Nuttman Serving as Secretary of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Welcome League
  • Chamber of Commerce in Touch with Scores of  Homeseekers Who Are Coming Here This Summer: Requests for Literature Coming from Washington D.C., Oklahoma, Missouri, Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Southern California
  • Grammar School Graduation Will Be Held Tonight: Class of 25: 12 Boys and 13 Girls to Graduate
  • What Uncle Sam Will do for the Disabled Soldier:  Aid Secured Under the Vocational Rehabilitation Act
  • Xmas Package Takes 18 Month Trip: Local Tailor E. Belcastro Received Returned Package Sent to his Brother in Italy Over a Year Ago: Brother Wounded on Italian Front
  • Lecture Course Begins Sunday at Franck Hall on the Topic: ‘Current Events in Light of Bible Prophecy’
  • Red Crown Gasoline Proves Superior in Road Test: Averages 23 Miles to Gallon in San Francisco-San Jose Run
  • Gift Clock from Mrs. Benjamin Weston to be Installed in Town Hall: Clock Shipped from Boston: Timepiece Weighs 489 Pounds


50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal & News (March 5, 1969)

  • Alvisans Accuse School District of Stalling: 80 Alviso Residents Make Demands at SCUSD Board Meeting:  Need Busing and Bus Shelter for Elementary School Children, More Mexican-Americans Hired as Teachers and Counselors, and Hot Foods Cafeteria Built with Free Lunches for All Who Qualify
  • In April Municipal Election: 11 Candidates Seek 2 Council Seats; 4 Candidates Seek Mayoral Seat — Gary Gillmor, Bill Kiely,  Matt Talia, and Bill Wilson, Jr.
  • City Sets Friday as ‘William Burton Ward Day’ to Honor His Unselfish Devotion to  the Community: He Provided Land for Santa Clara campus of West Valley College District in Memory of his Grandmother Lydia A. Hunter; Provided the Funds for Bleachers at the International Swim Center; and Now Paying for Landscaping of the Grounds of the Triton Museum: a Fifth Generation Californian, his Ancestor A.B. Hunter Owned a Farm on Agnew Road:  Santa Clara Woman’s Club Will Also Honor Him at Their Pioneer Heritage Luncheon
  • Both Backers and Opponents of School District Tax Measure Pass out Flyers And Phone Voters
  • Wilcox High Students Institute District School Projects
  • Congressman Don Edwards Favors Tobacco Farmer Subsidies In Exchange for Restrictions on Mass Media Advertising of Smoking
  • Invitation to a Queen’s Coronation:  Santa Clara G.I. Forum and Ladies Auxiliary Holding 8th Annual Black & White Coronation Ball on March 8th

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