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Looking Back: Santa Clara Headlines From June 12

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (June 13, 1919)

  • Chamber of Commerce Edition!: Santa Clara Invites Tourists and Home-Seekers to Our City of Beautiful Homes, Modern Schools and Churches, World’s Richest Farms and Orchards, Unexcelled Climate and Vast Manufacturing Industries
  • Santa Clara is Heeding the Government’s Suggestion to Build, Extend, and Improve: Progress and Prosperity Inevitable: Santa Clara Farms and Industries Already Renowned
  • Eberhard Tanning Company is City’s Pioneer Institution
  • Rosenburg Bros. & Co., Packers of Dried Fruit:  Santa Clara Sees Remarkable Growth in Dried Fruit Packing and Shipping Industry
  • Santa Clara Ships a Larger Amount of Farm, Orchard and Garden Products Than Any Other City its Size in America
  • Millikin District Farms Prosperous in Fruit, Berries and Vegetables
  • John G. French in New Business:  Formerly Rex Theatre Owner, Now Going into Real Estate Business
  • Santa Clara News‘ Circulation Campaign Proves Successful:  Judges Award Prizes: Mrs. George Pearlman Wins Chevrolet Touring Car
  • Hiram Johnson Unanimous Choice of California Republicans for President

50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal & News (June 11, 1969)

  • City Council Rezones Elks’ Land Over Planners’ and Residents’ Opposition
  • Revenues for City’s $31-Million Budget Told
  • City Council and Staff Travel Expenses Go Up 6.7%
  • SCUSD’s 2nd Election Attempt to Get Approval for  95-cent Tax Hike Fails
  • Sanctions Vote by Santa Clara Chapter of California Teachers Association Postponed Until September
  • Councilman Bill Kiely Acquitted of Misdeamor Charge of “Unsafe Backing”: Had Backed Car Over Resident’s Foot During His Mayoral Campaign
  • SCUSD Holding Graduation Ceremonies Today Through Friday
  • Library Holding “No Fines” Amnesty Day for Overdue Books Returned Tomorrow:  Library Vacation Reading Club to Begin
  • City Proclaims This as Santa Clara Chorale Week
  • SCUSD Dress Code Revised: Girls Can Now Wear Slacks to School and Boys Now Allowed to Grow Mustaches

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