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Week of July 25th Headlines

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (July 26, 1918)

*Governor William D. Stephens Makes Announcement of Principles and Candidacy for Re-Election on Republican Ticket


*Men From East Assigned to Work at Joshua Hendy Iron Works for Six Months Expected Here Tomorrow

*Bank of Italy Issues New Farmers Book for Daily Accounts:  Provides Day-to-Day Book-keeping System for Farmers

*Dr. L. M. Rose Enlists in Navy: Had Worked at O’Connor Sanitarium and as Assistant to Dr. J.I. Beattie

*Santa Clara Boys Sent to Camp Johnston, Florida

*Tomorrow Last Day to Register To Be Able to Vote in August Primary

*War Creating Unprecedented Need for Nurses: U.S. Attempting to Recruit 25,000 Nurses

*A.W. Nuttman Undertaking Moves into New Building: Old Building Built in 1860s to be Cleared — Sold to Wrecking Company


50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal & News (July 24, 1968)

*Award Winning Santa Clara Vanguard Returns from Triumphant Mid-West Tour

*Urban Renewal Hearing Continued:  Four Hour Deliberation but Three Issues Still Unsettled in J. Marion Company Redevelopment Proposal

*Windfall Announced for SCUSD Budget:  Extra Property Taxes Come In on Stricter Assessment for Commercial Businesses

*To Copy or Not to Copy: May Not be Legal for School District to Make Extra Copies of Copyrighted Workbook Pages

*Art Gallery Donated To Triton Museum of Art: Drs. Ben and A. Jessie Shensen make gift of $15,000 to Build Pavilion to House Donated Paintings of California and Saratoga Artist Theodore Wores

Sculptor Atsushi Imoto donated a sculpture “Espoir” to Triton Museum of Art

*Past  Santa Clara Police Chief William A. Garrity Dies: Chief from 1953-55

*Upgrading Due for Police:  New Patrolmen Hires Will Be Required to Have More Units of College Credit

*CTA Asks for More Insurance: An Expanded Health Insurance Plan for SCUSD Teachers Under Consideration

*City and County to Test Civil Defense Sirens on Friday


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