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Local Artists on Display at Triton Museum

The works of some of the Bay Area’s most skilled artists are now on display at Santa Clara’s Triton Museum. The annual Salon Exhibition and Art Competition features artwork in the fields of painting, drawing, printmaking and photography.

“Some of them are speaking to the political climate, some of them are exploring more media and color and shape,” said Maria Esther Fernandez, Chief Curator of the Triton Museum. “There’s a lot of portraitures as well. There’s photography.”

Guest juror and local artist Kevin Chen selected the works from more than 1,300 entries submitted by artists from across the state of California. He chose just a handful of those entries to make up this year’s exhibition.


Among the featured artists is Kathy Aoki, who was named first finalist in the Drawing and Painting category. Aoki is also an Associate Professor in the Deptartment of Art and Art History at Santa Clara University.

“When I create my work, it’s a combination of digital and analog practices and usually the resulting work is all analog,” said Aoki.

Aoki has three works on display at the museum, including “Gangnam Style (at the Moulin Rouge).” She says the lithograph is part of a series of ongoing work that imagines modern dance styles in other eras such as the Victorian Era.

San Jose photographer Katie Burke is also featured in the exhibition. On her website, Burke says her “We Are One America” series was born in response to the hate stirred up after the 2016 Presidential election.

“It is not political. I am only trying to tell a story about what makes America great in my mind,” said Burke on her website. “I hope that someday we can see and celebrate our differences, while also recognizing we are all connected as one.”

The winner of this year’s Best in Show award is prominently displayed in the entry lobby of the museum. “Deluge” is by artist Deborah Oropallo, who received her MFA from UC Berkeley and currently works out of the Bay Area.

In addition to receiving the Best in Show award, Oropallo also receives her own solo show at the Triton Museum.

The Triton Museum has conducted a Salon Exhibition and Art Competition for more than 25 years. Work from the 2017 winner, Rick Ambrose, will open early next year. The exhibit is called “Going Places: Drawings by Rick Ambrose.”

The Triton Museum will feature the works of all of the artists until Jan. 20, 2019. The museum is located at 1505 Warburton Ave., across the street from Santa Clara’s City Hall. It is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission and parking are free.


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