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Light August for Santa Clara City Council

While summer is typically a busy time for council, not all Council Members kept packed schedules. Below is a list of some of the more notable finds on council’s August calendars.


Mayor Lisa Gillmor

Gillmor kept a surprisingly light August calendar, recording a number of public meetings and events, and few additional meetings. What she did track was an Aug. 1 meeting with executives from BYD, a battery technology company creating products that reduce the reliance on petroleum, about Santa Clara’s “transportation connectivity.” She also had a meeting with UA Local Union 393 Business Manager Steve Flores about Related Santa Clara on Aug. 28.


Her calendar also included a meeting with the Magical Bridge Foundation with Council Member Teresa O’Neill, a Great America site tour with Council Member Kathy Watanabe, and a meeting with Council Member Debi Davis and Tedra Nikolai of the Santa Clara Sister Cities Association and Santa Clara University.


Kathy Watanabe, District 1

Notable finds on Watanabe’s calendar included a meeting with Santa Clara and San Benito Counties Building and Construction Trades Council David Bini regarding Related Santa Clara on Aug. 26. A few days later she had a meeting with resident Bob O’Keefe regarding the Old Quad on Aug. 29 and then, the same day, had a meeting with Kylli’s Vice President Randi Gerson regarding the Kylli project.

Watanabe also had a meeting with San Jose District 4 candidate Huy Tran regarding “North San Jose” on Aug. 30.


Raj Chahal, District 2

Chahal also maintained a light August with notable meetings that included a conference call with San Jose Vice Mayor Chappie Jones regarding the Stevens Creek Corridor on Aug. 1, an introduction meeting with Kaiser Permanente Community and Government Relations Manager Hanh Mo on Aug. 6, and an introductory meeting with Tran on Aug. 30.


Karen Hardy, District 3

Hardy’s only meeting of note was with Bini regarding the Related Companies on Aug. 2.


Teresa O’Neill, District 4

O’Neill kept the busiest Council Member calendar in August. She started her month with resident meetings that included David Kertes about street parking and noise on Aug. 2 and Bob Brasher regarding traffic on Aug. 5. Also on Aug. 5, O’Neill met with Kirk Vartan — although Vartan is a resident of San Jose with a Santa Clara business — regarding “Santa Clara for worker cooperatives” on Aug. 5. On Aug. 9, she met with Dan Ondrasek regarding an update on Santa Clara downtown plans and request for an auto tunnel to connect Benton Street and Brokaw Road.

Additional meetings included Debra von Huene of the Santa Clara Cultural Commission, library trustee Lee Broughman, St. Justin’s Parish, and a number of Valley Transportation Authority meetings. She had her final meeting of the month on Aug. 30 with Related lobbyist and Catapult Strategies CEO Jude Barry regarding “development and transportation plans for Related Santa Clara project and various development fees and costs.”


Patrica Mahan, District 5

Mahan had no meetings of note for August.


Debi Davis, District 6

Outside of the meetings previously mentioned, Davis had a meeting with the Triton Museum of Art’s Executive Director Jill Myers and Deputy Director Preston Metcalf regarding the state of the arts on Aug. 26 and a meeting with Bini regarding Related Santa Clara on Aug. 29.


Visit to see the calendars of Santa Clara’s elected officials.


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