To my fellow Santa Clarans – Letter to the Editor

To my fellow Santa Clarans

I would like to address the current epidemic and current lockdown that I know many of us are feeling uneasy. I first would love to give gratitude special thanks to our stellar city staff who are working during this pandemic, Many of you are dedicating your time to the community to assure functions are as normal as can be.

I would like to thank Mayor Lisa Gillmor & council members ONeill and Watanabe for handing out meals to our seniors and children to assure full tummies. I’d Love to thank Vice Mayor Hardy and Councilmember Raj Chahal for keeping me updated consistently and listening to mine and other residents’ concerns. I’d love to thank our city council as a whole for passing rent moratorium and small business relief assistance. Lots of credit also goes to Silicon Valley Power for keeping the lights on for our residents.  We are ever so grateful.


This is a huge undertaking by our city…and our staff is right there at the front lines. We greatly appreciate it.

A special thanks goes out to the following, Santa Clara County Health Officer Dr. Sara Cody , whom has been looking out for all of our health and well-being……. our first responders our police and fire department by keeping the peace….I’d Love to thank Harbir Bhatia of Santa Clara Community Coalition for your community pantry efforts that has seen stellar progress and helping those in need.

I would like to thank the communications department especially our camera crews for broadcasting city meetings for our residents and the public.

All these efforts will not be forgotten or go unnoticed.

In the last 3 weeks the world has seen how our healthcare workers, truck drivers, grocery store clerks, restaurant employees, pharmacists, carpenters and field workers have been more significant than celebrities or politicians…they are being there at the front lines risking their lives.  When this is all over let’s remember that it just wasn’t billionaires, it just wasn’t CEO’s who saved us, it was those who really serve us our every-day needs to survive. I stand up for every single one of you and grateful for your courage.

I ask our residents if you can to support our local businesses that are going through hard times. I highly encourage you to try and get take-out from our fabulous restaurants around our city, they will need our help.

I know there is a lot of uncertainty during these times, and many of you are scared, and I will admit, I am scared too. But we must be brave and strong. We will defeat this. We need to be calm, collective, pray and meditate and to please stay home to flatten the curve.

This is not a democrat or republican issue, this is an American issue, a global issue, and above all a human issue and No matter where u fall politically, what your faith is we need to stick together.

This is a time where many political differences are taking a backseat to the tragic conditions of our nation, community and the world are facing. I applaud those who refrain from political vendettas.

I pray for all of you…. We are Santa Clarans and above all Americans, and we will get through this together one day at a time.  We need to love one another and be there for one another especially our seniors and our children. We are all in this together, stay Santa Clara strong.

I feel we have all learned a lot from this and will be a compass for our way for the future.

My heart goes out to all the families that have lost someone to the pandemic or are burden by the economic hardships created by the pandemic.


Anthony Becker

Chair, Planning Commission, District 6 Council Candidate