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SCSA Issues Counteroffer to 49ers Settlement Offer

Santa Clara’s Stadium Authority (SCSA) Board has rejected the Forty-Niners Management Company’s (ManCo) settlement offer and issued an offer of its own.

The board heard public comment on Monday, April 8 about the settlement offer before heading into a closed session to discuss the issue. Less than 24 hours after leaving the closed session, the SCSA released a public statement regarding the longstanding disputes with ManCo. It did not announce the decision during the Santa Clara City Council meeting on April 9.

“On March 20, 2024, the Forty-Niners submitted a ‘best and final’ proposal to settle open issues related to public safety, buffet costs, and other items in connection with their operations and use of Levi’s® Stadium, which is owned by the Santa Clara Stadium Authority. Elected members of the Santa Clara City Council serve as the Board for the Stadium Authority,” the SCSA wrote in a news release. “The Board has reviewed the Forty-Niners’ proposal and decided not to accept it. However, the Board has provided direction to our staff and legal team on a counteroffer. We encourage the Forty-Niners to engage with our staff and legal team on this proposal to achieve a mutually agreeable resolution that meets with Board approval.”


While the details of the counteroffer were not released, we do know what was initially offered from ManCo. ManCo initially offered $18 million to settle two legal disputes. One involved the food perk offered to the top tier ticket holders at Levi’s Stadium. The second involved the cost of public safety, i.e., police staffing, on game days. In addition to settling the lawsuits, ManCo offered to renegotiate some of the contracts to help deal with financial disagreements between the SCSA and ManCo moving forward.

For complete details on the initial settlement offer as well as a look at some of the history of the legal disputes between the City of Santa Clara/SCSA Board and ManCo, click here.


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  1. Fred 2 months ago

    What? The so-called 49er five didn’t roll over and accept the offer?

    Oh my. Heads are going to explode!

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