My Trip to Lucky’s – Letter to the Editor

A few weeks ago I asked Fawn, one of my favorite clerks at Lucky’s, for distilled water for my partner Clara’s cpac machine. She was off work for a few days, so someone else called to say they were saving water for me. I went directly to pick it up.

Today I saw Fawn, the lady I originally spoke to. She had water for me, too, but that is not the end of the story. Lucky’s had been out of distilled water so she went to Walmart and purchased water for us.

When she returned to work, she found we had been supplied, so she took the water home. Of course, she does not need the water. She brought it back and I purchased it from her.


I truly appreciate the kindness and thoughtfulness of this lovely woman. This really made my day!


Arlene Rusche,

Santa Clara resident