Reelect Vickie Fairchild – Letter to the Editor

Vickie Fairchild is the best choice for the SCUSD Board. We have interacted with her many times, and her steadfast advocacy for every child (not just those who win prizes and accolades) consistently impresses. Vickie is a voice for students who have special needs, come from underserved communities, need extra support, and/or learn differently. We’ve been teachers for 20 years, and this ability to focus on often overlooked students is draining, but Vickie is a rare and tenacious advocate.

During Covid, we attended many online board meetings. Vickie was a calming and steadying influence as she worked with others to balance the community’s competing desires. We appreciated her focus on the welfare of every student, and we have seen her continue to advocate for every student since.

We cannot express strongly enough that Vickie is the best candidate for the SCUSD Board. She is an exceptional advocate for every child.



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