Elect Murali Srinivasan To Sunnyvale City Council District 3 – Letter to the Editor

Murali Srinivasan is deeply committed to Sunnyvale.  He would be an outstanding Councilmember.
Effective Sunnyvale Councilmembers require extensive management / fiscal expertise.  Srinivasan has both.   He is an entrepreneur, who created  4 successful start-ups, and for years managed a large, global team for a multi-billion dollar international company. 

A national merit scholar, who has a Stanford Master’s degree in Engineering Management; Master’s degree Computer Science from Virginia Tech;  plus additional degrees.   He readily solves difficult problems.   

His community service is so stellar that he was Sunnyvale’s 2021 “Distinguished Resident of the Year”, and is endorsed by the SJ Mercury. 

Srinivasan is taking NO developer money.
In contrast, Srinivasan’s opponent (Wang) has extensive financial backing from developers, raising questions about his independence from developers.  Additionally, Wang is a recent college graduate with little management experience. 

Experience/ integrity matters.  Please support Srinivasan for Council – The right person for the job.  murali4sunnyvale.com


Jennifer Tasseff

25 year Sunnyvale resident