In America You Are Not Guilty Based on Accusations – Letter to the Editor

The American justice system says you are innocent until proven guilty, yet in the city of Santa Clara it seemingly is when Mayor Lisa Gillmor finds you guilty. Her accusations that the council majority is doing what is best for the 49ers and not the city is simply her narrative to get re-elected. These accusations were passed on to a questionably biased county civil grand jury. It is obviously politically, not factually motivated.

The San Jose Mercury News editorial board was right when they said with Gillmor it is either “her way or the highway.” It is not unethical to disagree with Lisa Gillmor as to what is best for the city of Santa Clara. Having served on the council for 19 years, Gillmor thinks she and only she knows what is good for Santa Clara. It is not the 49ers trying to control how council votes, it is Lisa Gillmor.

Gillmor and her former council cohorts voted in lockstep for years. Even now, former councilmember O’Neill still shows up at council meetings to plot against current council members. Since Gillmor cannot control how Santa Clara residents vote, she is doing everything she can to smear and discredit her opposition on council. Democracy does not sit well with her.


The facts are she has an abysmal record as Mayor. She has led the City into a $27 million deficit, supported paying former city manager Santana a near $800 thousand-dollar annual salary, navigated the city into numerous costly lawsuits, and worsened relations with one of Santa Clara’s biggest stakeholders the 49ers. It is obvious she has been terrible for Santa Clara.

The council majority voted to end Gillmor’s “music ban,” bringing back lucrative concerts to the city. Why have a stadium if you cannot host concerts? For this, Gillmor’s given her council colleagues the label as beholding to the 49ers. Also, the council voted to end a costly lawsuit with the 49ers that was sending the city further into debt. This is another so called reason her council colleagues are beholding to the 49ers. As dictator, she expects them to agree with her opinion and to vote like her just as her solid majority of O’Neill, Davis, Watanabe, and herself did for years. Santa Clara is more inclusive now with minorities on council and the integrity to disagree with a divisive Mayor.


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