Letter from Vilma Kennedy Pallette

As a longtime resident of the city of Santa Clara who never misses a chance to vote my opinion re: qualified officials and city issues, I weigh in with the thoughtful and sensible Council Members who opt for a regular election to fill the current Caserta vacancy. I absolutely do not want to permit existing Council leaders to fill the vacancy. Surely the current Council can function adequately for the next five months while qualified candidates step forth to offer their names. I want to read of the qualifications of the candidates. I want to see what they say, what they think are the primary reasons that we should select them. I do not want to be forced to accept the names that any current Council members espouse because I know from my remarkable longevity that vested interests are occasionally veiled in the background. I would urge Mayor Gillmor to step out of her attitudinal shoes and into the shoes of those of us residents who welcome another opportunity to “put our money where our mouths are”. Let us vote! It is our privilege…. and our duty.